– soothing music for the senses

Feel calm and safe

inmuRELAX plays soothing and meditative music when you hold it in your hands. Hold inmuRELAX close to your body and feel the calmness spread through your body. The design is inspired by the organic shapes of nature – like a pebble stone. It is also inspired by the comfort and warmth you feel when holding a pet close to your body. When you touch or stroke an inmuRELAX, you will feel that it begins to make gentle vibrations – like a purring cat.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Music is medicine for the brain

Science has shown that music has a significant impact on brain function and the way the brain develops. Music affects our general wellbeing and stimulates our brain in a positive way. Listening to music creates new synapses in the brain. As a result, skills can be regained after a brain injury simply by listening to music. Several studies have shown that the effect of music is even greater when the body is active together with the music – for example, when you move to the music or make music yourself.

Music created and formed by your movements

An inmuRELAX is a unique combination of music, vibration, brain-body stimulation and movement. It plays music that is neither a melody nor a composed piece of music. It is not closely associated with any particular culture. It speaks to emotions and triggers emotional responses. The music is formed by your movements. When you touch or move an inmuRELAX, advanced patented sensor technology and software translates your movements into a universe of soothing music. The music forms an infinite musical pattern that follows your movements and breathing patterns. Like a flowing brook – always the same and always changing – this is how the music unfolds in an inmuRELAX. There are constant small changes in the music that stimulate the brain. The brain responds very positively to small impulses that have a certain degree of predictability. The brain enjoys recognising patterns, but becomes lazy if the patterns are too predictable. inmuRELAX provides just those small, subtle changes that trigger dopamine and other hormones that are important for our well-being. With an inmuRELAX you immediately experience some of the joy of making music, unlike a musical instrument that takes years to learn to play. Even people with severe motor or cognitive challenges can experience the magic of music deep inside their bodies.

Neurostimulating vibrations

When you hold an inmuRELAX close to your body, along with the music, you feel vibrations that stimulate your brain, nervous system and sensory system. The vibrations not only stimulate the sense of touch on the outside of the skin, but also go deep inside to stimulate muscles, connective tissue, organs, glands, bones and joints. The vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body, controls the parasympathetic nervous system. When you hum or sing, the vibrations stimulate the vagus nerve. With an inmuRELAX you can stimulate the vagus nerve in a similarly gentle and comfortable way. The inmuRELAX can be held against the front of the body – all the way from the throat down to the pelvic floor and on the back along the entire spine.

Improved sleep with meditative music and vibrations

When your body and mind are calm and you feel relaxed, good sleep comes naturally. Prepare for bed by sitting comfortably with the inmuRELAX close to your body. Place your hand in the pocket and let your fingers gently stroke the soft fabric. Let the music embrace you and feel the vibrations spreading through your body. Feel how a pleasant calmness spreads. Your breathing becomes calmer and deeper. inmuRELAX detects your breathing and gradually makes the music even more soothing. You can also sleep with an inmuRELAX in your bed. inmuRELAX is not designed to be a sleeping pillow. It is meant to be placed on your body so that you can also feel the vibrations. For example, the vibrations will spread throughout your body when you place it on your chest or stomach. When lying sideways, you can hold it close to your body – optionally with a hand in the pocket. The music is designed to be soothing and relaxing and at the same time not to be disturbing or annoying. There are constantly small changes that provide stimulating impulses to the brain. inmuRELAX has 3 volume levels. Lowest volume level is suitable for sleep and rest for people with normal hearing. inmuRELAX’s sensor technology detects when you have fallen asleep and the music fades out automatically. If you wake up, there is no need to turn on the light. Just touch the inmuRELAX, the music will play and you will quickly fall back asleep.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy
old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

inmu mindfulness – wellbeing for body and soul

With an inmuRELAX you can create your own life-giving breaks. You can do breathing exercises, grounding exercises, relaxation exercises, stretching exercises and much more. With the meditative music you hold in your hands, you create your own contemplative space. You can stand, sit or lie still with an inmuRELAX on your body or you can move with it in your hands. During the exercises you move together with the meditative music and the vibrations make it easy to focus on breathing and movement. With an inmuRELAX in your hands it is easy to get into a mindful state. Slow movements with inmuRELAX allow you to let go of thoughts, enter into deep emotions or reach a focused awareness. You can do the inmu-mindfulness exercises alone or with others. Doing inmu-mindfulness in a group creates a very special atmosphere. The music that flows from each inmuRELAX adds an extra dimension to the exercises. Try inmu-mindfulness at work or use it therapeutically. Find free inmu-mindfulness programmes at

Relieves tension and emotional feelings

The unique combination of vibration and meditative music has a special effect on the body and mind. The vibrations release tension in the body. Your muscles will relax. It allows you to breathe deeper. And it makes it easier to open up to emotions. Many have experienced deep sighs, yawns and even tears of relief. It brings you into a meditative state where you can let go of spinning thoughts and worries. The soft organic shape and soft cover enhance the feeling of calm and security.

A non-pharmacological approach to stress and anxiety

The inmuRELAX has a proven calming effect on people with stress, anxiety, agitation and spinning thoughts. Sitting with an inmuRELAX gives you a sense of peace and tranquillity. It feels soft, warm and alive. With your hand in the pocket, you will feel your thoughts being centred. Your brain is calmed as you cuddle and stroke or let your fingers follow the golden wave of the cover. Moving an inmuRELAX slowly around in your hands creates harmony in body and mind. The lovely soft shape gives you the feeling of a fixed point – you create your own shielded and safe space. Many are looking for an alternative to technologies that require mobile phones or screens. These technologies can actually contribute to creating a stressful state. inmuRELAX is a new technology that is not dependent on being connected to the internet or use of mobile phone. Listening to an inmuRELAX is a completely different way of experiencing music. The music universe is not a specific style of music, but a kind of universal music. It is a multi-dimensional experience. While you listen to the music, you feel the vibrations and you experience being part of creating the music with your movements.

Simple and easy to use

An inmuRELAX is small and mobile. It can be brought along and used wherever the user is. The user can enjoy a musical experience in their favourite chair or lying in bed. Having something nice and soft to touch provides the feeling of tranquillity and safety. Skin hunger can be reduced through the vibrations and tactile stimulation. In the design of the inmuRELAX, great focus has been put on making it easy to use – also for people who are severely motorically and/or cognitively challenged. It is completely intuitive to operate an inmuRELAX. Its beautiful design makes you want to touch the soft fabric and hold it in your hands. This automatically starts the music and vibrations that motivate and encourage further interaction. When the sensory stimulation is no longer needed, the natural reaction is to just stop touching and put down inmuRELAX. And this is exactly what makes the music slowly fade out and turn off. Even though the inmuRELAX at first is a new experience and not a familiar object, people quickly form an attachment to it. Familiarisation can be accelerated by doing activities, exercises or playing games with the inmuRELAX.

Also for people who have difficulty using their hands

The inmuRELAX is designed with a pocket that makes it easy to hold when standing, sitting or lying down. Additionally, the inmu vest has been developed for people with motor disabilities who cannot hold an inmuRELAX in their hands. The inmu vest allows the inmuRELAX to be held close to the body. The simple design ensures that the vest is very easy to put on. It is individually adjustable and available in 2 sizes.

Non-stigmatising design

Aesthetic expression was an important parameter throughout the development process. Although the inmuRELAX is a high-tech product, its complexity is hidden. It simply looks like a soft cushion. An inmuRELAX is a beautiful object – something you want to use and not hide away when guests arrive. When designing the inmuRELAX it was important to avoid it being associated with a toy or a technical aid. It is a sensory tool that fits naturally into any home and appeals to all ages. Even in difficult life situations where it is particularly important that people do not lose their dignity. The inmuRELAX has been given its own unique identity – its own dignity.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy
old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Advanced sensory stimulation

When your sensory system is out of balance, there is an imbalance in the way you experience the world and the way you react to other people. It can also affect your sensitivity and make you either hypersensitive or hyposensitive. From birth, we have sensory experiences that we bring with us throughout our lives. An inmuRELAX is an electronic sensory stimulation tool that offers a wide range of sensory stimulation possibilities. It is easy to adapt the sensory stimulation to individual needs and capabilities.

Sensory stimulation for multiple senses

An inmuRELAX is a unity of music, design, tactile structures, movement, vibration and interactivity. This makes it an ideal tool for stimulating multiple senses, both separately and at the same time.

Most importantly, you can use an inmuRELAX to stimulate the three basic senses:

The touch-skin sense can be stimulated all over the body. inmuRELAX has engaging tactile elements for your fingers to touch and vibrations that can go deep into the body. When you hold an inmuRELAX close to your body, you will feel the warm comfort of the pocket. The vibrations and tactility will help you become aware of your body sensations.

The muscle-joint sense is stimulated when you make movements. When you do exercises with an inmuRELAX in your hands, such as raising and lowering your arms, the muscle-joint sense is stimulated. At the same time you hear the music, which will change as you move.

The sense of balance can be stimulated by your movements. By doing exercises with an inmuRELAX as an object to hold in your hands, you strengthen your balance. For example, hold the inmuRELAX with outstretched arms in front of your body. The music helps you to become aware of your body position and movements.

In addition, the senses of sight and hearing can be stimulated through attention training. You can use the spatial perception of the music by moving the inmuRELAX in the room.

For everyday care situations

inmuRELAX can be implemented in many everyday care routines. It makes it easy to work with sensory stimulation on a daily basis. Holding an inmuRELAX close to the body in difficult care situations can provide a safe space to divert attention from discomfort and a eventual pain. The vibrations and musical interactivity can be used to support the retention of skills. For example, an inmuRELAX can help with dressing by providing attention and awareness of the action. Place the inmuRELAX under one foot and let the vibrations spread through the leg. This provides awareness of which leg goes in the trouser leg. The inmuRELAX creates a calm atmosphere in the room and provides reassurance to e.g. people with dementia, when used in regular care routines. When used regularly in daily life, the inmuRELAX provides a dose of sensory stimulation, which is medicine for the brain. This makes care easier and increases the well-being of the person in need of care as well as the staff. The inmuRELAX allows the user to receive sensory stimulation where and when they need it and on their own initiative. Even if you are cognitively challenged, e.g. with brain damage or advanced dementia, the inmuRELAX motivates you to interact with it. The golden wave of the cover attracts attention both visually and tactilely. The vibrations, the pocket and the interactive music motivate continued interaction.

Time-saving and improving wellbeing

The use of sensory stimulation can have a huge impact on an individual’s wellbeing. Studies have shown that the use of inmuRELAX in care can provide calmness, reduce aggressive behaviour and ease care situations. It has also been proven to have a positive effect on reducing the use of force and the need for sedatives. Furthermore, the inmuRELAX can be used as a tool to increase staff wellbeing. With mindfulness exercises, staff can benefit from important life-giving work breaks. It has been shown to give staff a renewed energy and calmness that they carry over into their daily work. This also benefits the person in need of care. There are fewer incidents of aggressive and problematic behaviour.

Support for the last days of life

In the last days of life it is important to be able to meet in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. An inmuRELAX on the chest allows you to breathe calmly. The body will relax through the calm of the music and the vibrations. Relatives have found that the inmuRELAX can be a relieving support for both the dying person and themselves. Being able to place your hands on an inmuRELAX together can create the contact and closeness that is needed – including eye contact.


Music is deeply embedded in the brain. Even people with advanced dementia can benefit greatly from music. Often people who have lost most of their other abilities can still remember and respond to music. An inmuRELAX provides sensory stimulation and motivation to physical activity. This makes an inmuRELAX an ideal tool for improving well-being for people with dementia.

Nice to cuddle: Dementia is often associated with restless fingers and hands. An inmuRELAX is a soft and pleasant object to hold and cuddle. The feeling of comfort is enhanced by a hand in the pocket.

Calm and safe: The vibration and music make it a comforting and soothing experience to sit with an inmuRELAX in your arms.

Easy to use: Using a remote control, for example, can be a frustrating challenge for people with dementia. An inmuRELAX has no buttons or technical things to deal with. The music starts automatically when you touch or move it.

Music for slow perception: The music is designed to support the slow perception of stimuli that comes with dementia. It changes very slowly and has no sudden sounds.

Muscle memory: Movement exercises that are repeated daily are remembered by the body, also known as muscle memory. An inmuRELAX triggers the body to remember previously performed movements by recognising the music, vibration and the inmuRELAX as an object. Even people who have lost most of their memory will often repeat the exercise themselves when the inmuRELAX is placed in their hands again.

Emotional memory: The inmuRELAX music will often trigger the body to remember emotions from the past. The music has frequencies close to the natural human voice. It can bring back childhood memories – for example, your mother humming and putting her arms around you. People with dementia will often start humming or singing when they hear the music and feel the vibrations.

Improve sleep: Dementia is often accompanied by a change in sleep patterns. An inmuRELAX provides the calm and relaxation that is necessary for a good night’s sleep without interruptions.

Supporting the ability to speak: Music and speech are closely related. You may find that people with speech problems begin to speak coherently when they hold an inmuRELAX in their hands. The effect can be enhanced by a simple exercise where two people hold an inmuRELAX together and move it up and down to the rhythm of the words.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Communication without words

It is important to have ways of communicating that do not require words – especially when there are no words or it is difficult to express yourself. With your hand in the pocket, the inmuRELAX can be used to stroke, caress or touch the body without direct body contact. Together you feel the vibrations, the softness of the fabric and experience the music. An inmuRELAX becomes a common third – something to be shared. It creates a shared space and a sense of belonging with smiles, laughter and eye contact. You can hold it between you or put your hands on it. This creates communication between people – also between generations.

Cognitive training

For people who can be difficult to reach mentally, the inmuRELAX can be used actively to awaken the senses. For example, people with very low arousal, people with cognitive challenges, people with sensory challenges or people with very long perception times. Music in combination with movement has a proven effect on learning. Among other things, it creates new brain connections and new nerve connections to the body. Use the music actively, for example by swinging the inmuRELAX back and forth. Use it to create attention and connection. With inmuRELAX in your hand or in the inmu vest, you can do movement exercises. The music and vibrations are used to create awareness of the body’s movements and to stimulate the brain-body connection. This is particularly important in neuro-educational training and rehabilitation – including aphasia.

Activities that connects and brings joy

Movement and music can be used to create fun and motivating activities. With one or more inmuRELAX, you can create activities for a group or two-by-two. These activities can train cognitive function, balance, coordination and motor skills. The inmuRELAX makes it fun to move your body. You can push one or more inmuRELAX across a table – roll, spin and rotate it. You can do throw/grab exercises. It is great fun when you have an inmuRELAX and you can hear the music. An inmuRELAX can withstand being thrown and dropped on the floor. You can pass the inmuRELAX around in a circle from hand to hand. Combine with memory games (“Name an animal with an A”) or saying hello to each other. When you use more than one inmuRELAX at the same time, you will experience that they intensify each other. You fill the room with calm, meditative music that puts everyone at ease. Shared activities with the inmuRELAX are a great opportunity to familiarise with an inmuRELAX. This makes it possible to use it individually for e.g. care situations. The inmuRELAX is available in 3 toned-down colours. This makes it possible to work with recognisability that provides a feeling of security.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Use music actively for motor training

Using the inmuRELAX is an easy way to integrate music into training activities. An inmuRELAX is robust and can withstand being thrown or dropped on the floor.

Examples of exercises:

Arm exercises: Hold inmuRELAX between your hands and tilt it up and down or from side to side in front of your body.

Leg exercise: Place inmuRELAX under one foot and use the whole leg to apply pressure.

Balance exercise: Place inmuRELAX on a table. Push it forward in front of your body with both hands and pull it back towards your body. Include your body in the movement and move back and forth.


The inmuRELAX offers a unique approach to incorporating biofeedback into regular training. The musical response to movement provides greater enjoyment and motivation. For example, you can hear the difference between fast and slow movements. It gives you a sense of control as you realise that you are interacting with the music. You can use the vibrations to create and maintain attention on the part of the body you need to move. When you feel vibrations on your skin, in your muscles and bones, you get a better brain-body connection. An inmuRELAX has the perfect weight to give a good sense of purpose to the movement. It is easier to motivate people to move something up and down than just moving empty hands. You can also work specifically on adding breathing to the movements. The music is designed to create a unique experience when you have many inmuRELAX in the same room. It creates a beautiful sound space and at the same time everyone has the music close to their own body.

Also for challenging hygienic conditions

An inmuRELAX comes with a polyester fleece cover that is easy to remove and hygienically washable at 60ºC. It is also available with an organic cotton fleece cover that can be washed at 40ºC. The inmuRELAX core has a water-repellent surface to repel liquids. Both the cover and the core can be cleaned with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe or sprayed with 70-85% ethanol. When an inmuRELAX is shared, e.g. during group activities, hands can be disinfected before use. Some dental clinics place a disposable tissue over both the inmuRELAX and the user’s hands to protect it from splashes. For special hygiene requirements (e.g. contaminants such as blood and urine), a shielding hygiene cover can be used instead of the original cover. The hygienic cover is made of smooth, elastic PU-coated polyester. It can be disinfected with 70-85% ethanol and washed at up to 95ºC. The hygienic cover protects the inmuRELAX core – including the charging port. It is water resistant, but an inmuRELAX should never be immersed in liquid. The hygienic cover has a pocket, but no soft and tactile elements like the original inmuRELAX cover.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Medical device

The inmuRELAX is registered as a Class I medical device according to the EU MDR regulation.



Choose between 4 covers:


1OO% Organic cotton fleece
4OºC washable


1OO% Polyester fleece
6OºC washable


1OO% Polyester fleece
6OºC washable


1OO% Polyester fleece
6OºC washable


Extra cover – Blue cotton fleece

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuRELAX even when the cover needs to be washed. 

1OO% Organic cotton
Washable at 4OºC

Extra cover – Rose polyester fleece

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuRELAX even when the cover needs to be washed. 

1OO% Polyester
Washable at 6OºC

Extra cover – Sand polyester fleece

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuRELAX even when the cover needs to be washed. 

1OO% Polyester
Washable at 6OºC

Ekstra cover – Blue polyester fleece

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuRELAX even when the cover needs to be washed.

1OO% Polyester
Washable at 6OºC

Protecting hygienic PU cover

The inmuRELAX hygiene cover is an easy way to protect the inmu-user from bacteria and virus. It can be useful in all cases where there are special requirements for hygiene.

The simpel construction of the cover protect the inmu-core from liquid and impurities.

PU coated interlock polyester jersey
70% polyester
30% polyurethane

Whipe with
70%-85% ethanol

Machine washable at 95ºC

inmu vest – small

Fits children from approx. 5 to 11 years old

Customisable in chest size 55cm to 80cm

inmu vest – medium

Fits teens and adults.
Customisable in chest size 80cm to 110cm

Correspond to adult sizes XS, S, M and L

inmu vest – XL

Fits adults.
Customisable in sizes from XL – 3XL
Chest size 100cm to 145cm

Extra cable and charger

Original charger and cable for inmu.

Only use for inmu charging.

inmu 4-pack box – the economic and practical solution for facilities

4 x inmuRELAX – for calmness, sensory stimulation, motor training, mindfulness, talking therapy, etc.

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 4 inmuRELAX. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go if you use your inmu’s for activities, motor training or therapy.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

1 x inmuDANCE + 3 x inmuRELAX – for e.g. activity, motor training – or for cosy group sessions

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 1 inmuDANCE and 3 inmuRELAX. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go if you use your inmu’s for activities, motor training or therapy.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmuRELAX + inmuDANCE + inmuJOY + inmuRHYTHM – for e.g. therapists who work with a wide range of challenges

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 1 inmuRELAX, 1 DANCE, 1 inmuJOY and 1 inmuRHYTHM. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go if you use your inmu’s for activities, motor training or therapy.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmu® technical specifications


Cover: 1OO% cotton or 1OO% polyester

The inmu core: Filling of rubberized horse hair coverd with water repellant polyester fabric.

inmu is a medical device class I – complient with EU MDR 2017/745

1OO% cotton: Cover is machine washable at 4OºC

1OO% polyester: Cover is machine washable at 6OºC

22 cm x 23 cm and 52Og

Comes in a handy storage box with cable and charger

24OV or 11OV charger enclosed

Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable). Up to three weeks between charging at regular use

Three different volume levels are supported.

Can absorb moderate shocks, e.g., being dropped on the floor.

The inmu is made of materials that are as sustainable, natural and hypoallergenic as possible.

2 years


Benefit more from your inmu

inmuACADEMY is your training platform to learn more about inmu®. inmuACADEMY offers free video courses on how to use the inmuRELAX individually or in groups, at home or professionally.

Concept by Toni Marquard

Music by composer Asger Steenholdt & Anders Hansen

Design by designer Emilie Wiehe & Toni Marquard

Patented teknology by Anders Hansen, Toni Marquard & Jens Madsen