Linette, is a wheelchair user, has spasms and is very tense in her body. She has a tendency to be very distant and withdraw into herself. Linette lives at home for disabled where they are using inmu to awaken her senses. It usually takes more than 20 minutes to wake up Linette’s senses so she can be active. But with inmuRELAX it takes 2-5 minutes to make Linette awake and ready to play with her things. 

inmuRELAX has also improved her motor skills. She is now able to coordinate her hands to move her toy from one hand to the other. inmuRELAX has helped Linette with sensory and fine motor skills and has helped to improve her physical and cognitive abilities.

Lintte’s parents have also noticed as big change. It is a more active and happy Linette.

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