Behind the inmu technology is the founding couple, Anders Hansen and Toni Marquard. Together with composer Asger Steenholdt, designer Emilie Dissing Wiehe, and their team of engineers, the launched the inmu in autumn 2017, and thus improved the quality of life of many users through auditory and haptic levels of experience. The shared interest in improving quality of life resulted from a personal family experience with dementia.

A recent study of 50 dementia patients over a four-weeek period showed that 2/3 of inmu patients achieved a better quality of life: Rest, fewer daily-care conflicts, less anxiety, and better sleep.

Another study in a psychiatric facility found that well-being improved in 9 out of 10 patients with the inmu. Together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), a stress study was carried out and showed a quicker recovery from stressful situations amongst patients using the inmu.