Om os

inmu er skabt af parret Anders Hansen og Toni Marquard. Interessen for forbedring af livskvalitet kom fra en personlig oplevelse med demens i den nærmeste familie. Sammen med komponist Asger Steenholdt, designer Emilie Wiehe, og deres hold af ingeniører, lancerede de inmu i efteråret 2017. Siden har inmu forbedret livskvaliteten for mange brugere i hele verden.
Being able to improve quality of life for people who need it most overwhelms me every day. We have done our best to make a beautiful and yet sophisticated tool that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the possibility for everybody to feel and interact with a unique music universe. Anders Hansen

MSc Software Engineering, Inventor, Co-founder & CEO

An idea can come to you, and you just know that this is “something”! This idea, combined with personal experiences with dementia—my mother—and my own lifelong physical problems, became a journey into helping other people find calmness and develop their opportunities.

  Toni Marquard

Opfinder & Co-founder

In the development of the inmu we focused on the functionality, but equally it has been about making a beautiful and sensual product that stands out from other welfare technological solutions. In this way it is not only a tool but becomes an object that appeals to our senses and feelings. Emilie Wiehe


Jeg er inspireret af naturen når jeg laver musik til inmu’en. Asger Steenholdt