– moving together

A dance orchestra in your hands

Imagine having your own orchestra. Imagine holding the orchestra in your hands. And imagine that you can play all the instruments at the same time. Imagine your orchestra playing happy and energising music. Imagine that your movements make the music play. When you make big movements, the orchestra plays loudly, and when you make small movements, the music becomes more quiet. An inmuDANCE is a therapeutic sensory tool that allows everyone to make music, regardless of their motor and cognitive abilities.

Joy and togetherness

An inmuDANCE is not a sleeping pillow. It is designed to be held in your hands, placed on your body or used for motor activity. With the music in your hands, you can have a lot of enjoyable moments. You can dance around with the orchestra and experience how the music changes. inmuDANCE brings joy and invites you to enjoy a great time together. You can use inmuDANCE in a group or two by two. When two people hold an inmuDANCE between them, they experience music and rhythm together. It is hard to resist moving and you will naturally make eye contact. Swing, shake, throw or hug inmuDANCE and experience how the music changes. The music and movement create smiles, laughter, a sense of togetherness and connection.
old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Music and memories

Music is the direct path to our soul and mind. Music changes our mood. It can make us happy, make us smile, calm us down, make us melancholic and thoughtful. Music creates memories. An inmuDANCE plays music inspired by the world’s musical heritage. The music is deliberately chosen to be cross-cultural and cross-generational. Music or music-related stimulation can get even people who have difficulty moving, such as people with Parkinson’s disease, to stand up and dance. People who have difficulty speaking can sing and recall words with the support of music. Similarly, if there are cognitive challenges and difficulties in relating to the surroundings. For example, music can calm and ease agitated behaviour and uncooperativeness in personal care. Music and musical expression keep our brains and nervous systems young. Brain scans have shown that the brain age of amateur classical musicians is younger than their actual age and younger than the brain age of a non-music playing control group.

AI based music

The inmuDANCE is a pioneering musical sensory tool. You do not need any apps or music streaming. inmuDANCE plays music as soon as you touch it. The music is composed based on your movements. Advanced software algorithms and patented sensor technology translate your movements into music. inmuDANCE plays dance music in 6 different styles. All inspired by classical dance music with energising rhythms such as bosa nova and tango. The music is specially composed for inmuDANCE and is designed to constantly alter and evolve. It is like an orchestra improvising, and ensures that the music is alive and exciting to listen to – even after many hours.

Universal music memory

Research shows that when stimulating with music, the entire memory is stimulated and you can remember many things better. You do not need to know the music beforehand. We have a special universal music memory. It is not a memory for a particular genre of music or a particular piece of music. Although inmuDANCE’s music may seem new and different, it has many recognisable elements that are appealing and that we simply cannot resist listening to. The context in which we listen to music has a huge impact on the way we experience it. For example, when we watch a film at the cinema, we experience music in a completely different way. Music can be learned throughout life, even by people with dementia.

Dementia friendly

For people with dementia, music can provide access to some of the damaged parts of the brain. An inmuDANCE brings back musical, tactile and motor memories. Among other things, it opens up speech centres in the brain. The vibrations provide impulses for movement, the nervous system and the sensory system. It is a deliberate design decision that an inmuDANCE does not immediately associate with familiar objects, but has recognisable references in its choice of materials, colours and music. This allows dignity to be maintained and ensures a wide range of applications. inmuDANCE offers new opportunities for socialising, for example with relatives, as a common third tool. As an object to hold in your hands and move with, an inmuDANCE provides natural impulses to move your body. It encourages spontaneous singing and dancing.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Designed for reminiscence

In the design of inmuDANCE, great emphasis has been made to open the mind to reminiscence and strengthen the tactile memory. Fabric types and colours are deliberately chosen to provide associations that will, for many, evoke memories of life lived. There are recognisable fabrics and subtle references to familiar objects. The variety of fabrics provide different tactile stimulation of the sense of touch. One feels soft and another has a rough surface. You can follow lines and patterns. This strengthens the sense of touch and prevents skin hunger.

Non-stigmatising design

An inmuDANCE is designed as a sensory tool for adults. The focus of the design decisions has been to create a beautiful, timeless product that expresses dignity. A product you will be happy to see in your father’s hands, for example. Situations that feel undignified can easily occur with cognitive or motor challenges. The design of the inmuDANCE therefore aims to ensure that it is not perceived as a stigmatising product, e.g. that it is not associated with children’s toys. An inmuDANCE brings joy and playful interaction – dignified fun for adults. inmuDANCE makes therapeutic activities more interesting and motivating.

Awakening the senses

In addition to music and tactile stimulation, an inmuDANCE also stimulates through vibration. The vibrations add an extra dimension to the sensory experience. You can physically feel the music and rhythm in your body. This gives deaf and hearing-impaired people a unique way of experiencing and feeling music. Blind and visually impaired people also benefit greatly from an inmuDANCE. They get a tactile sensory experience which, together with the music, has a stimulating and motivating effect. The inmuDANCE can awaken people who have a low arousal level or who are difficult to reach mentally. The happy music and vibrations provide focus and energy. inmuDANCE encourages movement and provides many hours of self-motivating musical activity. The inmuDANCE can be configured to play in 3 volume levels, so it can be used individually, for sound sensitive people, for the hearing impaired and for use in a larger group.

Neurostimulating vibrations

Vibration can be used to strengthen the brain-body connection. inmuDANCE’s vibrations provide a rhythmic pulse that can stimulate the nervous system throughout the body. You can perform a gentle vibration massage that goes deep into the body by placing the inmuDANCE on your back. Gradually move it from tailbone to neck and let the vibrations spread throughout the spine. You can also hold the inmuDANCE under a foot and let the vibrations spread up the leg. The vibrations stimulate skin, muscles, connective tissue, bones and joints.

Training with inmuDANCE

Using music actively in your therapy

An inmuDANCE gives you new opportunities to incorporate music into your therapeutic work. Music has a motivating effect and makes it easier to maintain attention and motivation to do exercises. Use inmuDANCE as an object in your training. It motivates the user to experience that they are holding the music in their hands and that it is the user’s movements that make the music change – this gives an endofin boost. The rhythm of the music provides the impulse to move. This is enhanced by the vibrations that can be felt throughout the body. The vibrations provide tactile stimulation that increases body awareness. The elastic belt makes it easy to use inmuDANCE for arm and leg exercises. inmuDANCE’s vibrations and unique biofeedback provide impulses to the brain, to make it aware of the movement. An inmuDANCE is easy to bring with you, so you can use it in the user’s safe environment.

Music is medicine for the brain

More and more research is showing that music has an amazing ability to stimulate the brain and even heal and cure a damaged brain. While our brains might be working overtime when we interact with music, this is precisely what causes the miracle. Music is somehow able to bypass the damaged area of the brain. This is possible because music is not just one connection between A and B in the brain and nervous system, but also involves memories. This includes memorised body movements, emotions, words and all the senses. Therefore, the brain can find many connections to relate to.

Rehabilitation with music you can feel

It takes hard work to get your brain, nervous system and muscles to relearn how to work together. Research shows that the best results are achieved through daily training and by slowly, step by step, getting more and more movements and muscles involved. Brain injury rehabilitation can be enhanced with the interactive music of an inmuDANCE. The cheerful music motivates the user to make the training exciting and makes it easier to maintain interest in continuous training. The user receives biofeedback in the form of the experience of hearing their movements with inmuDANCE’s interactivity. inmuDANCE detects the user’s movements and gestures. Algorithms transform gestures not just into sounds and tones, but into music with continuous rhythmic and melodic progressions. The music continues endlessly with musical variations depending on the user’s movements. inmuDANCE allows you to become aware of which body part you are moving and working with. It opens up brain-body connections through musical response, vibrational stimulation and tactile stimulation.

inmuDANCE can be used widely in rehabilitation exercises

For example:

Arm exercise: Hold an inmuDANCE in your hand, optionally with the elastic belt as support. Bend and stretch your arm. The rhythm supports the movement.

Leg exercise: Place the inmuDANCE on the lower leg using the elastic belt. Bend and stretch the leg in sync with the rhythm.

Finger exercise: Place your hand on top of the inmuDANCE. Stretch out your fingers, if necessary with the support of the other hand or the elastic belt. The vibrations help you to feel your hand and fingers.

Sensing exercise: The different types of fabric and the vibrations allow for varied stimulation of the sense of touch.

Coordination exercise: Place the inmuDANCE on a table and slide it from side to side. The rhythm supports and motivates movement.

Balance exercise: Place the inmuDANCE on a table. Push the inmuDANCE away from your body with both hands and pull it back to your body. Bring your body into the movement so that it rocks back and forth. The vibrations and music motivate the movement.

Movement exercise: Sitting on a chair, swing the inmuDANCE from overhead to the floor. The weight of an inmuDANCE provides support to target the movement.

The inmuDANCE can be used as a personal training tool, allowing the user to continue an independent training programme.

Group activities

Include an inmuDANCE when you are doing activities or motor skills training with a group. The dance music brings joy and motivates movement. You can throw an inmuDANCE to each other. It is easy to grasp and it is highly motivating to feel the vibrations in your hands and hear the music as you throw it to the next person. It encourages eye contact and opens up new opportunities for communication. If the inmuDANCE falls to the floor, it will, due to its shape, not roll far and is easy to pick up. Pushing or rolling the inmuDANCE across a table is a fun activity that requires body balance and strengthens body coordination. Music and vibrations have a special effect on the sensory and nervous system. Motorically challenged people are more easily involved and motivated in activities when they feel the vibrations and experience the music. inmuDANCE creates the feeling of being part of a musical community, similar to playing music together. The rhythm you feel in your hands and body provides impulses that trigger movement. It supports people with stiff muscles or difficulty with repetitive movements, among other things. Group activities with an inmuDANCE are a great way to get to know the inmuDANCE. It provides security and recognisability, which makes it easy to use it in daily care. For example, as a diversion in challenging care situations, as an independent activity or for sensory stimulation.

Also for people with motor challenges

inmuDANCE is designed to be used by people who have severe motor and/or cognitive challenges. The handling of an inmuDANCE is extremely simple. Just a movement or touch is all it takes to start the music playing. An inmuDANCE does not need to be switched on – it is always ready. When you put it down, the music stops automatically. inmuDANCE reacts to even small movements. A tap, hug or slap provides a response in the music and motivates repetition. Wheelchair users can, for example, place an inmuDANCE behind their back or under their feet. inmuDANCE’s shape makes it easy to hold. In addition, the elastic belt makes it easy to fasten an inmuDANCE to a hand, arm or leg. With the inmu vest, inmuDANCE can be worn on the chest. This allows free movement, even for people who cannot hold it in their hands. Moving back and forth with your body makes inmuDANCE play music that brings joy.

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Robust and hygienic

An inmuDANCE is made from robust materials and can withstand everyday active use. It is designed to withstand falling on the floor and being thrown. The cover is easy to remove and hygienically washable at 60ºC. The inner cover is water-repellent, so if you spill liquid on it, it will bounce off. Both the cover and the core can be wiped with a damp cloth and can be cleaned with 70-85% ethanol spirits.


5O% cotton, 25% polyester and 25% recycled polyester
6OºC washable



Extra cover

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuDANCE even when the cover needs to be washed.

inmu vest - small

Fits children from approx. 5 to 11 years old
Chest size 55cm to 80cm

inmu vest - medium

Fits teens and adults.
Customisable in sizes from XS,S,M and L
Chest size 80cm to 110cm

inmu vest – XL

Fits adults.
Customisable in sizes from XL – 3XL
Chest size 100cm to 145cm

Extra cable and charger

Original charger and cable for inmu.

Only use for inmu charging.

inmu 4-pack box – the economic and practical solution for facilities

1 x inmuDANCE + 3 x inmuRELAX – for e.g. activity, motor training - or for cosy group sessions

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 1 inmuDANCE and 3 inmuRELAX. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go if you use your inmu for activities, motor training or therapy.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmuRELAX + inmuDANCE + inmuJOY + inmuRHYTHM - for e.g. therapists who work with a wide range of challenges

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 1 inmuRELAX, 1 DANCE, 1 inmuJOY and 1 inmuRHYTHM. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmu® technical specifications


Cover: 5O% cotton, 25% polyester and 25% recycled polyester

The inmu core: Filling of rubberized horse hair coverd with water repellant polyester fabric.

inmu is a medical device class I – complient with EU MDR 2017/745

Cover is machine washable at 6OºC

22 cm x 23 cm and 52Og

Comes in a handy storage box with cable and charger

24OV or 11OV charger enclosed

Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable). Up to three weeks between charging at regular use

Three different volume levels are supported.

Can absorb moderate shocks, e.g., being dropped on the floor.

The inmu is made of materials that are as sustainable, natural and hypoallergenic as possible.

2 years


Benefit more from your inmu

inmuACADEMY is your training platform to learn more about inmu®. inmuACADEMY offers free video courses on how to use the inmuDANCE individually or in groups, at home or professionally.

Concept by Toni Marquard

Music by composer Rune R.B. Eskildsen & Anders Hansen

Design by designer Emilie Wiehe & Toni Marquard

Patented teknology by Anders Hansen, Toni Marquard & Jens Madsen