How valuable sensory stimulation can be for people with dementia is shown in this video from Summerset Group Holdings Limited Retirement Villages in New Zealand. For some time now, the inmuRELAX and inmuDANCE sound cushions have been used with residents in dementia care after receiving an incredible response there.

In this interview with Katie Noble, managing director of inmu sales partner Allied Medical Ltd, Orquidea Tamayo Mortera and Bobby Gerneke, Diversion Therapy Team at Summerset Ellerslie, the three experts talk about the successful use of the inmu.

The inmu’s have had a great impact on the people in the Summerset community, and is a helping hand in cases such as over and under stimulation, anxiety, insomnia, stress and behavioural disorders in dementia care.

Video: ©Allied Medical | Official Distributor of inmu


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Relaxing music, soft vibrations, and tactile details help you to calm down and find peace in body and mind.


Bright colours, joyful music and appealing tactile details stimulate the senses and make you want to move.

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