inmu under the feet

Have you ever felt the vibrations of an inmu with your feet? Your feet are just as sensitive as your hands. You may know from reflexology, for example, that foot stimulation affects the whole body. It stimulates muscles and connective tissue, blood circulation, nervous system, sensory system and more. You can also stimulate the bones with the vibrations.

Stimulating the feet with the inmu’s vibrations has a number of possibilities. For example:

Wheelchair users: Especially for wheelchair users who suffer from paralysis or nerve disorders, vibrations under the feet can provide stimulation to the muscles and connective tissue and to get the blood circulation going. Place the inmu between the foot and the footrest. If the user can move their feet or leg muscles, it can be helpful to hear how the music changes when you change the pressure on the inmu. This motivates continued movement.

Gentle massage: It can be really nice to put the inmu under your feet when you want to relax. Try placing the inmu against the end of the bed or against a sofa armrest, for example. You can also sit down and simply place the inmu on the floor. This provides a nice gentle massage and warmth for your feet. As you change your pressure on the inmu, you can hear the music change.

Motor training: Children love playing with an inmu on the floor. Try alternating between stepping on an inmuRHYTHM and the floor. You can vary by stepping from behind, in front or to the sides. When you can feel the vibrations and hear changes in the music, you are encouraged to continue. Feeling an inmu under your feet can also be used to prepare for walking training. The vibrations draw attention to where the foot is, making it easier to realise that you need to move your foot.

Help with dressing: When you have contact with your foot, it is easier to find your way into a trouser leg. If you’re confused, the vibrations and music will help you identify which leg to use. When helping someone get dressed, you can hold the inmu under their foot for a moment before helping them put on trousers, socks or shoes.

An inmu is designed to withstand standing on it.  It is tested to 100kg.

All inmu’s have vibrations and can therefore be used for the examples mentioned above. The inmuRHYTHM in particular has a very strong rhythm/pulse when pressed.

How strong the vibrations are depends on the activity level and the volume level the inmu is set to. See the guide on how to set the volume here.

Jumping on an inmu is not recommended.

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