inmu as invaluable support in the last days of life

One of the hardest things a relative of a person with dementia experiences is losing eye contact. A daughter wrote to us just after her mum had died: “I hadn’t been able to get in touch with my mum for a long time. When I gave her inmuRELAX, she opened her eyes and we made contact again. When we put our hands on the inmu together, I could actually see and feel her body relax”.

Several nursing homes and hospices offer inmuRELAX as a support for the dying. It is also a great help for relatives to feel that the dying person is at peace. To see the body relax.

Man suffering from dementia sleeping with inmuRELAX

Relatives describe how inmuRELAX creates a sense of peace and relief in the final days. “My sister and I were very sad to leave our mum because she felt uneasy and anxious. We were finally able to find the money to get an inmuRELAX and when we got it, we felt really at ease. We are SO grateful to have had the inmu in mum’s last days”.

When the dying person lies with the inmuRELAX on their chest, there is often a sense of clarity and peace of mind. The music and gentle vibrations open up emotions. It is not uncommon for tears to flow. It is liberating. It can be a beautiful opportunity to find or rediscover a connection that may have slipped into the background for a long time.

Children, grandchildren and friends may find it difficult to meet the dying person in a new and perhaps unfamiliar environment. It can be difficult to connect and find the deep and meaningful conversation that is needed. inmuRELAX can create a beautiful moment – something to share together. When you touch the inmu together – stroke it or move it a little together – you feel the vibrations and hear the music. Swinging the inmuRELAX slowly over someone’s head or body can also create a beautiful soundscape.

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