Several studies have shown that music can heal an injured brain. It may sound strange, but it is because music and rhythm are deeply rooted in us. Just think about how we can show our emotions through music.

The brain is an extremely complex organ that reflects and organises all the information it gets through our entire life. The brain has the ability to use music to build new connections in the brain—also if it has been damaged, and it does this in cooperation with the rest of the body. This is why music is not only nice sounds, but also communication between the brain and the body (movements), and communication between the person and the surroundings (for example emotions).

Listening to music stimulates the brain positively—music that you perform yourself, and thereby using your body as well, involves more parts of the brain and builds more connections—but music that you perform yourself together with others, builds a lot more connections in the brain!

As long as people have existed, there has existed music.

Peter Thybo

Author and expert in neuropedagogy

The Danish author and expert in neuropedagogy, Peter Thybo, explains how our brain is affected by music and why music is medicine for the brain. Thybo, who has a background as a physiotherapist, has written numerous books about neuro science and neuropedagogical methods.

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