– creating harmony

Peace of mind

You have probably experienced the feeling of getting drowsy when travelling by train. The monotonous rhythm of the wheels puts you in an almost meditative state. The music played by an inmuRHYTHM has a similar monotonous repetition. When you touch an inmuRHYTHM you immediately hear a rhythmic pulse. When you hold it close to your body you can feel it – a pulse that continues until you put inmuRHYTHM down. The rhythm makes you want to run your hands or fingers over the cover. Or just fiddle with some of the tactile elements. It gives your brain a healthy break – from schoolwork or the computer. You do not need to have your mobile phone with you, because inmuRHYTHM does not need any apps or music streaming. inmuRHYTHM plays music when you just touch it. The music universe is not sounds or songs, but a rhythmic flow of music that follows your movements. This opens up endless possibilities for motivating musical activities.

Neurostimulation through rhythm

inmuRHYTHM is based on research into the neurostimulating effects of rhythm. Our whole body works in rhythm; for example, we have a heart rhythm and a breathing rhythm. Rhythm in music stimulates and supports the sense of rhythm we are all born with. When you touch the inmuRHTYHM you feel a distinct rhythmic pulse. When you hold inmuRHYTHM to your body, the rhythm spreads throughout your body and stimulates your nervous system. The steady pulse of the music is designed to both calm and support the body’s energy.

old hands with inmuDANCE music therapy

Music created by your movements

Advanced sensor technology enables inmuRHYTHM to detect your movements, gestures, touches and hugs. AI software translates this into a flow of music that constantly evolves with your movements. Tap or shake inmuRHYTHM and experience how the music becomes more intense and new, exciting rhythmic structures emerge. As you shake, swing, hug, press or jump with inmuRHYTHM, you will find that the music changes to reflect your movements. inmuRHYTHM can sense even the slightest movement and touch. If you hold it close to your body, it can even sense your breathing. It makes it continue to play softly pulsating and soothing music. You can also fiddle or stroke it and experience the vibrations and music in your hands. When you hug inmuRHYTHM, you will feel a strong and deep vibration spreading through your body. When you jump or dance with inmuRHYTHM, the music becomes more energetic.

A drum band in your hands

Moving together with inmuRHYTHM makes you feel like you are making music yourself. Not as if you were playing an instrument or a drum set, but as a band that improvises based on your movements. The band consists of various percussion instruments. The different instruments blend together and play as you move. For example, when you strike, tap or slap, drums and cowbells appear in the soundscape. As you shake or swing, different shaker instruments begin to blend into the music. The music is composed in real time as you use the inmuRHYTHM. This allows the music to constantly vary and evolve. New combinations and variations will surprise you. Everybody can join in. Several inmuRHYTHM can be used at the same time. When each of you dances around with your own inmuRHYTHM, you form a band. Some of you can swing, some can slap, others can shake and others can just dance or jump around. It creates a large sound space. You will experience how the music mixes and creates new, surprising combinations. Almost as if you were professional musicians.

Rhythm – the way to improve focus

When you feel rhythm in your body, it centres your mind. You can feel your body. You can feel your breath. It becomes easier to focus on a single thought. Many have experienced how it is easier to concentrate on a task when they experience the rhythmic impulse of an inmuRHYTHM. Place the inmuRHYTHM on your lap and touch it. Feel the rhythmic pulse as you touch it. You can also place it between your stomach and the edge of a table or between your back and the back of a chair. It is important to take micro-breaks when, for example, you are working on your computer. Keep the inmuRHYTHM next to you so that you can touch it from time to time. Feel how music and rhythm create a meditative feeling. It strengthens your ability to stay focused. You can also use the inmu vest. It allows you to wear the inmuRHYTHM on your chest and feel the rhythm continuously. This also stimulates the vagus nerve and reduces stress.

Rhythm triggers movement

When we feel a rhythm, it gives us an impulse to move. Repetitive rhythmic movement creates structure and connects the brain and body. This is particularly important during rehabilitation, when muscles and nerve connections need to be rebuilt. The rhythmic movement of the body is essential for our sense of balance and for the coordination between the brain and the left and right sides of the body. The feeling of tension and relaxation in the muscles is also stimulated by repetitive rhythmic movement. With an inmuRHYTHM in your hands, you feel a steady, vibrating pulse. This increases your awareness of the motor movement you are performing.


The inmuRHYTHM has been designed with a special focus on people with neurodivergence, such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. An inmuRHYTHM can structure thought patterns, the brain-body connection and the sensory system through rhythmic stimulation. The distinct pulse in the vibration increases the user’s body awareness. Through the motoric interaction with inmuRHYTHM, it gives the user an intuitive choice of stimulation level, thus increasing self-determination. It enables self-regulation. A small movement results in a small musical response and a large movement results in a large musical response. The cover is made of textiles with different tactile structures. The rough fabric stimulates and awakens the sense of touch, while the soft fabric has a calming effect. This means that people who are particularly sensitive to touch can choose a stimulation that suits their needs. An inmuRHYTHM offers a unique opportunity to create a shielding space with music and tactile stimulation. Additionally, the inmu vest enables the user to receive stimulation for longer periods of time. This can be a great help in many challenging situations such as social events, dentist appointments and stressful situations.

Arousal regulation

An inmuRHYTHM can play very quietly and just provide a soothing pulse. But when moved more energetically or hugged, the music becomes correspondingly louder, fuller and more energetic. Consequently, the user will find that the music adapts to their movements and thus their arousal level. They will experience being met where they are on their arousal curve. From experience, we know that it is essential to be met at your current arousal level. If the user is in a high arousal state, being presented with very calming music can be stressful. With an inmuRHYTHM, they will find that the music always matches their arousal level. As the user is in control of the energy of the music, it will never be perceived as more energetic than their arousal level. As the energy of the user’s movements decreases, the music will automatically become calmer and thereby lowering the user’s arousal. This way, the music becomes an intuitive reflection of the user’s energy. Similar to singing loudly when you are in a high mood and humming quietly when you are relaxed and calm. At the same time, inmuRHYTHM stimulates motor activity which, together with the rhythmic pulse, provides sensory stimulation that balances the sensory system. A person with low arousal will find that their – eventually guided – movements are rewarded with an energising musical response. This, along with the rhythm, motivates continued activity and maybe even intensified movement.

Improve impulse control

When you move rhythmically or have a rhythmic pulse in your body, it helps you focus and stick to a thought. An increased rhythmic awareness is helpful for many people who struggle to maintain focus. An inmuRHYTHM is an ideal tool for practising rhythmic awareness. The interactive musical response and rhythm, which you can feel in your hands or body, keeps you focused on the present action and thought. This strengthens the ability to filter out distracting impulses, thereby improving the impulse control. For some, it can be an advantage to have inmuRHYTHM mounted in the inmu vest hanging on the chest. This way you feel the music and pulse inside your body and you can move around freely at the same time. inmuRHYTHM can be used in 1-to-1 therapeutic sessions and in groups. Through guided training, a user can learn to use inmuRHYTHM for independent training and impulse control in challenging situations. This way, an inmuRHYTHM can be a personalised tool for self-regulation.

Playful interaction

The flat form makes the inmuRHYTHM an ideal tool for motor training and activities. An inmuRHYTHM can be used as a kind of ball with music. When it falls to the floor, it will neither bounce back up nor roll far. This makes it easy to pick it up again. Use inmuRHYTHM in throwing games either alone, two-by-two or in groups. As you throw, the music changes with new, fun sounds and rhythms. An inmuRHYTHM is made of robust materials and can withstand being dropped or thrown. You can also sit or stand on it. You train your attention by playing games where you focus on listening to the music. For example, find inmuRHYTHM blindfolded. You can also have inmuRHYTHM take turns in a group, where each user makes a rhythmic movement. The inmuRHYTHM has a small strap on each side that fits small fingers. This makes it fun to carry around or to swing by a single finger. You can also let each user have their own inmuRHYTHM and use them to play together. Making music together gives us energy and joy. inmuRHYTHM is designed for playing together. Each user can make their own movement and you will experience how it all merges into one big musical universe. inmuRHYTHM makes it easy to play music together regardless of musical ability and cognitive and/or motor challenges.

Using the inmuRHYTHM at school

An inmuRHYTHM can easily be integrated into the classroom to support pupils who need peace and to focus and concentrate. Children of all ages are attracted to the slightly raw design and stimulating music. They do not feel stigmatised with an inmuRHYTHM in their hands. It can be used individually in the classroom, but also to regulate arousal, e.g. during breaks. The volume of the music can be set to 3 different levels as needed. At the lowest volume level inmuRHYTHM can be used as an individual tool in contexts where it is important not to disturb others. The user can feel the rhythm and pulse, but the music is only noticeable if the inmuRHYTHM is moved intensively for a while. The medium level is recommended in noisy situations to allow the user to create their own sound space. The highest volume level is suitable for playing music together or for group activities where several inmuRHYTHMs are used at the same time.

Use rhythm and music in your therapy

Numerous research studies have shown how music and rhythm have an essential impact on our body awareness and physical and mental energy levels. Music provides a direct pathway to important areas of the brain such as emotions, memory, senses and motor skills. Muscles and the nervous system are positively stimulated by repetition, for example through rhythmic movement. Rhythmic movement allows muscles to contract and relax. This is important for maintaining muscle mass and preventing muscles from becoming too loose or stiff. An inmuRHYTHM allows you to incorporate music and rhythm into your therapeutic work in a new way, regardless of your or your clients’ musical skills. The rhythmic music motivates, stimulates and supports the training of people with motor and/or cognitive challenges. Having a rhythmic sensation in the body increases mobility and thus self-reliance. Use inmuRHYTHM to improve the brain-body connection and reduce sensory challenges.

Examples of applications:


  • Balance training
  • Cognitive training
  • Motor training
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Attention training
  • Coordination training
  • Communication training
  • Speech therapy

Get into the rhythm

For some users it may take some time to feel safe and bond with an inmuRHYTHM. For people who are very sensitive to sound and touch, you can set the inmuRHYTHM to its lowest volume level. This provides very gentle vibrations and the musical universe is without intrusive sounds. The inmuRHYTHM can also be set to a higher volume level where it can provide a stronger vibration stimulation. For example, when you hug it, sit on it or lie on it. An inmuRHYTHM can be used as a common third and as an awareness tool. After becoming familiar with inmuRHYTHM, it can be used to provide a positive diversion for the user in challenging situations, e.g. in care situations.

Examples of using inmuRHYTHM for cognitive and motor training:

Walking therapy:
The therapist and the client both have an inmuRHYTHM mounted in an inmu vest. Together you move to the rhythm. Optionally, tap inmuRHYTHM with the right and left hand alternating so that it follows the walking pattern. You can also do sideways movements or jumps. This exercise strengthens balance and coordination.

Mirroring exercise:
Both of you stand with your own inmuRHYTHM. Make different movements, e.g. tapping, shaking, swinging, jumping. The client mirrors the therapist or the therapist mirrors the client. You will find that you are rewarded by a motivating musical interaction. The exercise strengthens focus and provides new opportunities for communication.

Rolling on the floor:
With an inmuRHYTHM in the inmu vest, rolling around on the floor is great fun. When lying on an inmuRHYTHM, you will notice how the rhythm becomes more distinct and the vibrations more powerful, so they can be felt throughout the body. Try lying with an inmuRHYTHM on your stomach. It provides a nice soothing stimulation. The vest can also be fitted so that you wear the inmuRHYTHM on your back. These exercises strengthen motor skills.

Under the feet:
Have the client sit with an inmuRHYTHM under their feet. Feel how the vibrations and pulse stimulate muscles, connective tissue and bones. Work with one foot at a time and optionally finish with both feet at the same time. This exercise can also be done while sitting in a wheelchair. If necessary, assist with moving the foot or leg. You can also place the inmuRHYTHM against a wall or the armrests of the sofa. Make small movements with your feet and toes – feel the calming effect too. These exercises can help strengthen motor skills, mobility and blood circulation.

Also for wheelchair users, blind and deaf people

An inmuRHYTHM allows everyone to take part in a creative music making experience. It offers the opportunity to experience the joy of making music, to feel the music and to move together with the music. If the user has limited mobility in the arms and upper body, the inmu vest allows the inmuRHYTHM to be worn on the chest. Even a small movement of the upper body, or a touch or tap with the hand or arm, provides a motivating change in the music. This also applies to visually impaired and blind people. Hearing impaired and deaf people have a unique opportunity to feel and experience music through the vibrations and pulse.

Robust and hygienic

An inmuRHYTHM is designed with robust materials to withstand daily use. You can drum on it, shake it, swing it, throw it, sit on it or stand on it. It is designed to withstand being hit, thrown and dropped on the floor. An inmuRHYTHM can also withstand water or liquid spills. The cover can be easily removed and washed at 60ºC. The inmu core is water resistant and both the outer cover and core can be cleaned with 70-85% ethanol.


1OO% polyester
6OºC washable



Extra cover

With an extra cover, you can ensure that the user can continue to use the inmuDANCE even when the cover needs to be washed.

inmu vest – small

Fits children from approx. 5 to 11 years old
Chest size 55cm to 80cm

inmu vest – medium

Fits teens and adults.
Customisable in sizes from XS,S,M and L
Chest size 80cm to 110cm

inmu vest – XL

Fits adults.
Customisable in sizes from XL – 3XL
Chest size 100cm to 145cm

Extra cable and charger

Original charger and cable for inmu.

Only use for inmu charging.

inmu 4-pack box – the economic and practical solution for facilities

4 x inmuRHYTHM – for e.g. music sessions, ADHD, focus training, arousal regulation.

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 4 inmuRHYTHM. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go if you use your inmu’s for activities, motor training or therapy.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

2 x inmuJOY + 2 x inmuRHYTHM – for e.g. ASD, calmness, kindergarten, school, special needs centres

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 2 inmuJOY and 2 inmuRHYTHM. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmuRELAX + inmuDANCE + inmuJOY + inmuRHYTHM – for e.g. therapists who work with a wide range of challenges

The handy 4-pack box makes it easy to keep track of your inmu’s. It contains 1 inmuRELAX, 1 DANCE, 1 inmuJOY and 1 inmuRHYTHM. Bring the boxes with you wherever you go.

Have you been running around trying to find the charger for an inmu that needs charging? The inmu 4-pack box has a built-in USB multi-charger so you can charge all 4 inmu’s at the same time.

inmu® technical specifications


Cover: 1OO% polyester

The inmu core: Filling of rubberized horse hair coverd with water repellant polyester fabric.

inmu is a medical device class I – complient with EU MDR 2017/745

Cover is machine washable at 6OºC

22 cm x 23 cm and 52Og

Comes in a handy storage box with cable and charger

24OV or 11OV charger enclosed

Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable). Up to three weeks between charging at regular use

Three different volume levels are supported.

Can absorb moderate shocks, e.g., being dropped on the floor.

The inmu is made of materials that are as sustainable, natural and hypoallergenic as possible.

2 years


Benefit more from your inmu

inmuACADEMY is your training platform to learn more about inmu®. inmuACADEMY offers free video courses on how to use the inmuRHYTHM individually or in groups, at home or professionally.

Concept by Toni Marquard

Music by composer Mika Sahbaz & Anders Hansen

Design by designer Emilie Wiehe & Toni Marquard

Patented teknology by Anders Hansen, Toni Marquard & Jens Madsen