Can inmuRHYTHM steal attention from YouTube?

Ariana is autistic and loves watching YouTube videos of things that break. Next to soap bubbles, it’s her favourite occupation.  At Fensmarkskolen in Denmark, they want to find an alternative where Ariana can use her body and find peace. They have introduced her to inmuRHYTHM in the hope that it can bring her arousal down. They know that getting her to change her habits takes time and patience. It requires a daily systematic effort.

It’s important to meet a girl like Ariana at her arousal level. High energy, pulse and rhythmic music appeal to children like Ariana. A brain in high level of arousal can’t suddenly adjust to find calm.  

That’s where inmuRHYTHM works in a unique way. The music in inmuRHYTHM has high energy when the child is active with it. But inmuRHYTHM is intelligent. The energy level of the music is automatically lowered to slowly bring the child’s arousal level down. This allows the child’s brain to gradually calm down. The pulse and structure of the music also provides structure to the brain. In the rhythmic movement together with inmuRHYTHM, the child finds joy. And the vibrations of inmuRHYTHM can be felt in the hands, feet and body.

Watch the video with Ariana here

Do you recognise any of the situations from the video? We hope it has inspired you. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. 

You can contact us here if you interested to know more. Or you can contact your local inmu specalist here.

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