Beautiful objects make children feel calm and think beautiful thoughts

One teacher told how she asked her pupils to hold their inmu gently, as if it were an egg or a baby bird. It was passed from hand to hand around the classroom. It taught the children that inmu is something beautiful and valuable that you shouldn’t just throw around (even if it is robust).

When we created inmuJOY, we wanted children to experience something beautiful. Like a little animal you can cuddle. When you sit with an animal, you feel it’s alive – it interacts with you. inmuJOY gives children the same feeling with its interactive music and vibrations.

Do you know the feeling when you realise that your hands have reached out on their own for a beautiful object? A mug, a blouse or a piece of jewellery. Or you want to pet the cat? You feel happy and warm inside. You feel this way because many of your senses are stimulated. Not least your sense of touch. Neuroscience research shows that healthy skin stimulation is important for a well-functioning nervous and sensory system. It calms you down – and improves learning.

This knowledge was central to the design of inmuJOY. The beautiful materials that hands can’t help but touch appeal to the child’s desire to reach out and touch. Almost all children love to cuddle with inmuJOY’s soft fur. Their hands can’t help but reach into the pocket.

The organic lines in the design are intentional. They give hands and fingers something to follow. You may have noticed that everything on an inmu has soft lines? We work with the design idea that sharp shapes are likely to create discomfort and noise in the brain, whereas soft shapes create calm. This encourages calm and gentle movements throughout the body.

When you sit with your inmuJOY, you feel a sense of security and warmth that spreads throughout your body. The calm and beautiful music creates a meditative atmosphere. Children find that it shields them from the noise and disturbance of the outside world. A girl in 3rd grade says: “When you sit with it, it’s a nice feeling. You go ‘ahh’. You concentrate on the nice feeling and your task”.

Hear more about the great experiences the children of a 3rd grade class are having with inmu.

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