The following terms and conditions apply to any purchase made through, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.


1. Order and Payment

1.1 is open 24 hours a day. However, it may occur that the shop closes temporarily due to maintenance. Purchases can therefore only be made when the store is open and available.

1.2 In order to shop at, private individuals must be 18 years old. If you have not reached the age of 18, you can only shop at if a guardian’s acceptance is obtained, or you are otherwise legally entitled to make the purchase.

1.3 All prices on are inclusive of VAT, and include shipping and delivery.

1.4 The price of the goods is first deducted from the account used once the goods are shipped. In the case of a partial delivery, only an amount corresponding to the actual delivery is deducted.


2. Receipt for Orders and Order Confirmation

2.1 After ordering, you will receive a receipt of our acceptance of your order. However, a binding purchase agreement has only been made once you have received an order confirmation.


3. Right of Cancellation

3.1 When you shop at, you as a consumer have 14 days’ right to cancellation. If you regret your purchase, you can return the item.

3.2 If goods are not covered by the right of cancellation, it will be stated in the checkout process.

3.3 In order to make the right of cancellation, you must, by unambiguous declaration, give notification within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

3.4 The right of cancellation begins on the day you received the item. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, the deadline will be extended to the next following day.

3.5 After you have received the goods, you may only handle the goods in such a way that you can determine the nature and characteristics of the goods and the way in which the goods work. Otherwise, the right of cancellation will no longer apply.
For correct use, please follow the inmu user manual.

4. Return

4.1 When using the right of cancellation, the goods must be sent to: ApS
Klakring Stationsvej 20
DK-7130 Juelsminde

4.2 The goods must be properly packaged upon their return.

4.3 When returning goods, you are responsible for the goods until they are returned. It is therefore recommended that you keep mail receipts, etc.

4.4 The goods must be returned no later than 8 days after notification of the right of cancellation.

4.5 Returned goods will not be accepted if done so via cash on delivery (COD) or without delivery.

4.6 Upon return of the goods, a copy of the order confirmation of the purchased items must be included.


5. Reimbursement

5.1 Goods will be checked upon their return.

5.2 The right to reimbursement may be lost in whole or in part under the following circumstances:

5.2.1 When the product has been put into use before return;

5.2.2 The product is damaged while under the responsibility of the buyer;

5.2.3 The product has been handled in a manner other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and manner of the product;

5.2.4 When the restrictions of right of cancellation guarantee are not observed.

5.3 Reimbursement will take place in the same way as the purchase was made. If for example the purchase was made by payment card, the purchase price will be refunded to the same payment card.


6. Complaints

6.1 Purchasing via is subject to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, including the provisions regarding defects contained therein. This means that a defective item may either be required to be repaired or replaced, the purchase price refunded, or a discount may be required in the purchase price, depending on the specific situation.

6.2 It is a condition for the use of these provisions that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen due to incorrect use of the product or other injurious behaviour.

6.3 Complaints are also subject to the provisions on timely claims. For example, for private customers, the complaint must be communicated within a reasonable period of time from ascertaining the problem with the goods, whereas for business customers, the complaint must be made immediately.

6.4 In the event of a complaint and subsequent return of the goods, the goods must be sent to: ApS
Klakring Stationsvej 20
DK-7130 Juelsminde

6.5 When returning the goods in connection with a complaint, please describe the issue with the product in as much detail as possible. This facilitates the processing of the complaint and minimises waiting time for the complaint.

6.6 If the complaint is legitimate, we will refund your reasonable shipping costs associated with returning the product to us. Otherwise, you will have to bear all transport costs, including our shipping costs associated with the return of the item after examination, as well as a charge for the cost of examining the product.

6.7 The goods must be returned in proper packaging. Allways pack the inmu itself (the core) in a plastic bag to protect the electronic parts. You are responsible for the goods until they are returned.

6.8 Returned goods will not be accepted if done so via cash on delivery (COD) or without delivery.


7. Remedies

7.1 If you as a consumer wish to complain about your purchase, please contact If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, via You can also use the EU Commission’s online complaint portal, which however will mostly be relevant if you are a consumer based outside of Denmark. You can find the complaint portal here:


8. Personal Data

8.1 To be able to shop at, you must as a minimum inform us of your:

– Name
– Address
– E-mail address
– Telephone number

8.2 The personal data mentioned in section 8.1 is stored alongside information relating to the purchases made for 5 years from the end of the financial year, after which the information is deleted. However, if you have created a login, your personal and order information will not be deleted unless requested.

8.3 Personal information is not disclosed or sold to third parties, unless relating to a restructuring or a full or partial sale of the company. Possible disclosure in such a situation will be in accordance with the Danish laws on personal data.

8.4 As a customer, you have the right to gain insight into the recorded personal data and you may object to a registration pursuant to the rules according to the laws on the processing of personal data. For further information please contact


9. Cookies

9.1 By using, you agree to the use of cookies. A cookie is a small data file that is installed on the computer to keep track of what happens during the visit to and to also recognise the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.


10. Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 The purchase of goods via and disputes derived therefrom are subject to Danish law, with the Court of Horsens as the venue.