New opportunities with the inmu vest

The inmu vest is not just for people with motor challenges. The vest opens up new possibilities for activities and therapeutic and educational applications. When wearing the vest, the vibrations from the inmu are clearly felt in the body. This provides a continuous stimulation that can energise, motivate and regulate arousal.

The video with Kasper shows an example of how the vest can be used. With inmuRHYTHM in the vest, Kasper receives stimulation that allows him to feel himself. Feeling the rhythm in his chest energises him and helps him focus on his tasks and activities. The rhythm and pulse maintain his movements and body awareness. He has more opportunities to try different things and to be in contexts that were previously difficult for him, e.g. at the chiropodist.

The inmu also is an effective tool for arousal regulation. When you feel the vibrations and hear the music, you are able to connect with your body. This can reduce arousal. With the inmu in the vest, it offers the possibility for being shielded and carry it with you on the playground, in the classroom, at work, on a trip or in the car.

With the vest, an inmu can be worn on the front of the chest or on the back. It provides freedom of movement to jump, dance, run, roll around on the floor… This allows for the inmu to be used in even more activities – including shared activities.

The vest allows more people with motor challenges to be able to use an inmu. Even very motorically challenged people in wheelchairs can sit with an inmu on their chest. This allows people with spastic paralysis, for example, to activate an inmu themselves and get hours of joy and activity – by touching, tapping, cuddling or experiencing how the music changes as they move their upper body.

The steady pulse you can feel and hear with an inmuRHYTHM on your chest can be a great help when training walking. For example, during motor training in a walking bar or with a walking frame, the vibrations and rhythm can support and motivate. In this way, it can provide a comfortable and motivating form of self-training for people with Parkinson’s and other brain injuries.

The vest can be used with both inmuRHYTHM, inmuDANCE and inmuRELAX.

The vest is available in three sizes:

  • Small, which fits children from approx. 5 – approx. 11 years (chest size 55cm to 80cm)
  • Medium, which fits people who wear sizes XS, S, M and L (chest size 80cm to 110cm)
  • XL, which fits people who wear sizes XL-3XL (chest size 100cm til 145cm)

All are individually adjustable.

The vest is easy to put on and take off. It has a snap fastener that is very easy to open.

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