Ariana is an autistic child without any language. Her school (Fensmarkskole in Copenhagen, Denmark) is introducing inmuRHYTHM to help her regulate her arousal level. She loves sounds and music and is very motorically active. In her eager she often throw things and often breaks her iPad. inmuRHYTHM is designed to be robust and doesn’t break due to her rough handling.

The video illustrates that introducing new things (including an inmu) to children like Ariana takes time and require patience. This is the first time Ariana experiences an inmu. inmu inventor Anders Hansen has to be creative to make her interested. He is focusing on letting her experience the inmu with her body – let her feel it – rather than just handing it to her. If she gets new things handed to her, she immediately refuses them. But step by step she experiences the inmu and gets more and more interested in it.

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