Training with Music: inmuRELAX and inmuDANCE Make Exercise Fun and Motivating

Overcoming Training Challenges

Training sessions with individuals who have brain injuries and epilepsy can be particularly challenging. This is something Julie Krohne Christiansen experiences daily in her role as a physiotherapist at a residential facility for 21 adults with epilepsy. To address these challenges, Julie has incorporated inmuRELAX and inmuDANCE sensory cushions into her work, and the difference has been remarkable.

Julie frequently faces the difficulty of managing varying arousal levels among the residents during group training sessions. Some residents are in high arousal and need to be calmed before they can focus on the exercises, while others are in too low arousal and need stimulation to become engaged. The inmu sensory cushions have proven to be the perfect solution. The musical and tactile stimulation from inmuRELAX helps to calm those in high arousal, allowing them to focus and maintain their concentration during exercises. Conversely, inmuDANCE helps to awaken and engage those in low arousal, ensuring they are attentive and ready to participate.

Epilepsy training with inmu

Transformative Results

Since introducing the inmu cushions, Julie has noticed significant improvements. Because the sensory cushion help regulate residents’ arousal levels, they can perform exercises together in an effective way. This not only makes the training sessions more enjoyable but also enhances the overall engagement and participation of all residents.

The familiarity and comfort the residents have developed with the inmu cushions during group training sessions have led many of them to acquire their own. They find that the cushions provide them with relaxation and aid in improving their sleep. For many residents, adapting to new things can be challenging, but seeing their fellow residents use the inmu cushions has encouraged them to try them as well. Julie highlights the importance of this shared experience:

“We have used both inmuRELAX and inmuDANCE during our training sessions. Residents have been able to see how they work on their fellow residents. We’ve guided them by saying things like, ‘Try placing it here,’ or ‘Try doing this.’ This hands-on approach has helped them understand the benefits. Gradually, we’ve introduced the cushions for individual use, and it’s made a big difference.”

Julie further explains:

“If we had just handed them the cushions and said, ‘Here, we found this for you. Just sit and listen to it,’ I don’t think we would have gotten the same response. The group setting and the ability to observe and learn from each other were crucial in gaining acceptance and enthusiasm for using the inmu cushions.”

Impact on daily life

Beyond training sessions, the inmu cushions have positively impacted other areas of the residents’ lives. Julie has observed that the cushions not only help with relaxation and sleep but also improve everyday actions such as eating. For residents with high arousal, the calming effect of the inmuRELAX cushion helps them to settle down and focus on their meals. For those with too low arousal, the stimulating effect of the inmuDANCE cushion helps to increase their attention, making mealtime more engaging and enjoyable.

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