Care situtations can often cause conflicts

Personal care can be experienced as an unpleasant and humiliating situation when you are ill.

An inmu can help make personal care less uncomfortable. It’s much more pleasant to be cared for in a calming atmosphere surrounded by soft tones.

The inmu can be used to distract the patient’s attention on the unpleasant care situation.

Place the inmu on the user for a few minutes before starting for example to wash a person in bed, dressing, brushing teeth and so on and allow them to relax.
Let the user enjoy the music and the vibrations and stroke the soft fabric.

During the procedure, the inmu can be kept ‘awake’ by the assistant with just a small movement.

If you need to make contact with the user, you can swing or press on the inmu and the user will become more attentive.

Let the user keep hold of the inmu once the procedure is over – it will make them feel calmer about the next care situation.

Video: Marc finds ease with inmuRELAX

Marc was often upset and angry when he has to be transferred from his wheelchair to his bed. After he got his rose inmuRELAX it makes him relax and take away the unpleasant feeling. It is now his daily companion.

Marc is 22 years old and is born with a brain damage.

Get inspired on how to use inmu in care

Group activity with inmuDANCE

Group of people with dementia is having joyful activities with inmuDANCE. The handy shape and interactive dance music makes it almost impossible not to smile and move

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What is an inmu?

The inmu combines tactile and musical stimulation in a soft interactive cushion that …


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