inmuRELAX helps eight out of ten people with dementia. This is the result of a new Swedish study conducted at three dementia homes in resp. Helsingborg, Lund and Norrköping.

Positive effect

The study showed that approx. 80% of the participants had their quality of life improved by using inmuRELAX. In particular, it proved good at calming motor restlessness, irritation, and extroverted behavior.

Download the report: inmu-evaluation-report(2020-05)


Our experience is that inmuRELAX makes a difference at the moment, but that it also helps to create security and has an effect that can last all day. Our staff has expressed that inmuRELAX is “a help in everyday life that does not demand, but gives”.

Liselott Löfgren is area manager for Ansvar & Omsorg AB in Norrköping

Background for the study

The study was carried out over a period of 20 weeks, and method development, data collection and review were carried out externally. A total of 13 people participated; all were in a palliative phase. The evaluation is based on the behavioral and mental symptoms that can occur with dementia – abbreviated BPSD – such as anxiety, restlessness and aggression. Staff have estimated the user’s response to inmuRELAX according to the BPSD scale used in the healthcare field, but have also answered open-ended questions.


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Relaxing music, soft vibrations, and tactile details help you to calm down and find peace in body and mind.


Bright colours, joyful music and appealing tactile details stimulate the senses and make you want to move.

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