Suffering from a cognitive disease (e.g. dementia/Alzheimers or brain damange)  can cause frustration, anger and anxiety. In daily life it can be difficult to comprehend all the impressions and activity going on. Having something safe to hold in your hands can ease these feelings. Something to handle—something that feels warm and nice to hold.

We know that music can calm us down and make us relax. This is exactly what the inmuRELAX does. Holding it makes you feel safe. The soft vibrations and the relaxing music divert the attention from a noisy world. It gives the possibility to find a room of peace.

Bent is suffering from dementia at a late stage. The video illustrates a typical day in Bent’s life: he is restless and frustrated. He wants to get away. The inmuRELAX gives him peace and calms him down. Holding the inmuRELAX and sensing the golden line makes him relax. The soothing music and soft vibrations make him dizzy. After just sitting with the inmuRELAX in 15 minutes he fell asleep.

How to use

An inmuRELAX is wonderfully soft to touch and gives peace of mind. The gentle music and the vibrations help you to relax – with a smile on the lips and good feelings. Place the inmu on the user’s chest or stomach.

Press gently on the inmu or allow the hands to gently stroke the soft fabric and try to follow the golden line. Allow the music and the vibrations to spread throughout the body – it can help to place one hand in the inmu’s pocket. The user can keep the music going with only small movements. The inmu can also be swung from side to side so you can hear how the music develops.

Let the user sit with the inmu before bedtime, before meals, before an appointment with e.g., the doctor, on days where something special is happening, changes to the normal daily routine or after an unpleasant experience, e.g., a situation that was physically or mentally taxing.

An inmu is also a good tool for moments of concentration, meditation or relaxation.


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