inmu for the sensitive conversation

When having a conversation about a sensitive topic or with someone who is anxious, struggling with their emotions or going through a difficult time in their life, it’s important to create a safe space.

Imagine creating a space with pleasant music that flows for as long as the person needs it. Imagine gentle vibrations that, like a cat’s purr, spread through the body. Imagine that the person can sit with something soft that can be gently stroked. Imagine an object that your fingers can caress, providing warmth and comfort. That’s exactly what inmuRELAX can do.

When you sit with inmuRELAX close to you, you can feel your body. This makes it easier to centre yourself and concentrate on the difficult things you need to talk about. inmuRELAX creates a space that shuts out noise. The music spreads throughout the room and creates a nice, calm atmosphere in the room. You can feel your body and centre your thoughts. Many have experienced how emotions are opened up when you get in touch with your body. Feelings you may not have allowed yourself to connect with before.

There are many ways an inmu can support and help during a conversation. As an introduction to the conversation, the inmuRELAX can help you calm and centre your thoughts. This can be difficult when you’re anxious, unsafe or deeply upset. The nervous and sensory systems can be overloaded and it can be difficult to just breathe. The inmu’s music and vibrations make it easier to breathe calmly and deeply.

Breathing exercise

  • Place the inmuRELAX on your flat hands in front of your body, arms bent
  • Breathe in
  • As you exhale, tilt the inmu up towards your chest
    Gradually slow down the breathing rhythm

Once you’ve started the conversation with the support of inmuRELAX, the inmu becomes a safe base – also for the next conversation. During the conversation, you can sit with the inmu close to your body. This gives you something to fiddle and cuddle with. It can therefore be a good idea to have the inmu close by so that it is easy to pick up and put down again.

Sometimes you need to be able to physically feel that someone else is taking care of you, guiding you along the way. The inmu as an object, with the music and vibrations as extra support, can be this physical link; the neutral common third party.

Communication exercise
This exercise is easiest to do standing up. You can have your eyes open or closed.

  • Hold the inmuRELAX between you. Both of you are holding with both hands
  • Move the inmuRELAX slowly up and down. You, as the therapist, are leading the movement
  • Listen to the music
  • Pay attention to the breathing; does it change over time?

In the difficult conversation, you may approach something that is particularly difficult to talk about and you may need to stop for a moment. You can then focus on the inmuRELAX’s soothing vibrations or the music. It provides a pleasant breathing space. Psychological and mental tension often builds up in the muscles, leading to many other types of tension that can be experienced as physical pain, among other things. Movement and stretching of muscles and joints gets the blood circulation going and brings fresh oxygen to the brain, which helps to calm the body and mind.

Pause exercise

  • Hold inmuRELAX with both hands
  • Sit forward on the chair so you can spread your legs slightly
  • Stretch your arms up over your head
  • Swing the inmu in a wide arc down to the floor
  • Swing the inmu up over your head again

It’s nice to finish with a relaxation exercise that centres the body and calms the breath and nervous system.

Relaxation exercise

  • Have the person sit comfortably, preferably with their eyes closed
  • Swing the inmuRELAX around the person; over the head, around the body, one side, the other side, in front and behind and finally in front of the body

When you have finished the conversation, you may want to allow the person to sit alone with the inmuRELAX for a while. This gives them a chance to centre themselves, perhaps clear up some of the thoughts and feelings that the conversation has brought up. And it provides a calm transition and preparation for getting back to everyday life outside the counselling room.

On the inmu training platform you can find more exercises.

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