Musical Training Enhances Cognitive Functions

Training with inmu sensory cushions is motivating
and stimulates many brain functions

Musical Training Enhances Cognitive Functions

With inmu sensory cushions, you get an advanced sensory tool that combines music, vibration, and gives unique musical feedback on the user’s movements. The user’s movements are reflected in the music played by the inmu, creating a special interactive experience. This enables a dynamic and engaging form of training that stimulates many parts of the brain. The tactile sensory experiences and the user’s rhythmic movements further contribute to holistic cognitive training.

Music and Movement Bring Joy to Life

A playful approach to activities can make training more enjoyable and targeted. inmu motivates users by giving them an active role in creating the music. Creating music brings special joy. When music creation is combined with rhythmic movement or dancing, it enhances the brain-body connection, leading to increased motor control and coordination. Musical training strengthens brain functions that improve memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities.

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Memory Training

Memory is strengthened and maintained through music and movement. Musical memory is often the last to be lost because music is stored in many parts of the brain. Music acts as a catalyst for recalling memories and emotional, cognitive, and motor functions. Movement to music activates muscle memory, allowing movements to be remembered and learned even when memory function is significantly reduced. This is particularly relevant for individuals with dementia and others with cognitive impairments. The sensory feedback from inmu engages the brain on many levels, creating new neural connections.

Training Social and Communication Skills

Musical activities can strengthen social bonds and communication skills. Being together, listening, dancing, and creating music together creates a sense of community and improves awareness of the surroundings. It enhances the ability to listen, mirror, and respond to others. This is valuable training as it can improve social interactions and communication skills.

inmuRELAX berfore bedtime

Other Benefits:

Training in Community

Training with inmu sensory cushions in a group setting can strengthen social interaction. It allows participants to feel themselves and each other, strengthening their social bonds and sense of belonging.

Independent Training

inmu is so simple to use that even people with significantly reduced cognitive functions can use it independently, especially after experiencing and becoming comfortable with the exercises in a group setting.

Sensory Stimulation

inmu offers many opportunities for sensory stimulation, which can improve body awareness and perception.

Focus Training

inmu sensory cushions provide ample opportunity to perform exercises that improve focus and concentration. The music, interaction, vibrations, and tactile elements are designed to offer a variety of focus opportunities.

"We have seen positive results with the residents and feel that inmuRELAX can contribute to more happy moments in everyday life."

Head of care administration in a Swedish municipality

"Several of the kids are dependent on the inmu's and use them daily. For communication between kids and the pedagogues and for activities and playing."

Manager of an integrated centre for young people with severe cognitive challenges

"Our activity organiser is totally hooked on it and uses inmuDANCE as a tool to increase arousal in activities. More residents become more aware and active and participate better in the activities."

Manager of a residential centre for people with acquired brain injury

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