A helping hand in care and nursing

The inmu sensory cushion is easy and intuitive to use. There are no cumbersome buttons and settings – music and soft vibrations play as long as you touch it. This makes it ideal for professional care. Among other things, it provides calmness, better sleep and facilitates care situations.

Create a safe and soothing atmosphere

Place the inmu on the lap, chest or abdomen. Do not hesitate to place one or both hands on the immu. This helps it to continue and the vibrations are felt more clearly. It feels wonderfully soothing to have one hand in its pocket. Watch the video of the nursing home here


Relieving sleep problems

Place the inmu on the chest or abdomen. Put your hand on the inmu or in its pocket. This will help to calm you down. The music stops when you fall asleep but starts when you wake up and move/touch it again. The inmu can also lie on the pillow next to or beside the body. A hand in its pocket helps ensure peace and comfort and keeps the music playing. Most people cannot hold the inmu under their head because the music is too loud. The volume can be turned down if the music becomes too loud. See how here

Man with dementia in bed with inmuRELAX

Relief pain and discomfort

Soothing music, vibrations and the comfort of having inmu near you can go a long way to help reduce discomfort and reduce pain. inmuRELAX can thus be an aid to palliative care.

Reduces agitation and extroverted behaviour

Users with cognitive challenges who are agitated, door seeking or extroverted can often be distracted by the inmu. The maximum effect is achieved when the user is accustomed to using the inmu.

Prevent unrest from spreading

When a person is agitated, it can easily spread to others. With inmuRELAX, an agitated person can be calmed down. If this is done early, it eliminates the possibility of the disorder spreading.

Divert attention during transfer

Being moved by a lift can seem insecure and incapacitating. inmuRELAX can provide calmness and peace of mind. Give the inmu to the user and make sure they have calmed down before the transfer. Let the user keep the inmu with him/her during the transfer and preferably for some time afterwards. Watch the video below.

Avoid conflict in care situations

inmuRELAX can be used to bring calm to a care situation that, for some people with cognitive problems, may seem confusing or uncomfortable. It is known that music – e.g. singing a song – can result in calmness and less discomfort in a care situation. inmuRELAX has the same effect. Let the user hold the inmu and calm down before starting the care task. Continue to use the immu during the care task. It provides calmness and diverts attention.

Several studies have proven the effect

 Studies have been made in multiple countries on the effect of inmuRELAX in care. See more here.


Discover how immu can be used in care and nursing