Reduce anxiety and unrest with inmuRELAX

Are you having a hard time finding peace?

Give your head a break, let go of the thinking process and calm your body with the inmuRELAX sensory cushion.
inmuRELAX can be a haven in everyday life and relieve e.g. anxiety, stress, unrest and difficulties concentrating.

Music you can feel

Let yourself be embraced by the soothing universe of the inmu. Meditative music and soft vibrations help you find peace in both body and mind.

Advanced technology in flexible packaging

inmuRELAX can be used whenever and wherever you need it. There are no cumbersome settings, updates or applications.
The soft surface stores advanced sensor technology: music starts when the pillow is touched and slowly calms down when it is still.

“I cried tears of joy because I could feel myself again.”


Suffers from schizoaffective disorder and hallucinations are a part of her daily life

How to use inmuRELAX:

  • Find a quiet place – a good chair, sofa or bed.
  • Turn off the phone, computer and other distracting objects.
  • Take inmuRELAX in your hands and experience the music waking up.
  • The music follows your movements:
    Hug the inmuRELAX and gently touch it.
  • The music universe plays as long as you touch the immu.
  • Breathe slowly and concentrate on the music, the vibrations and the soft shape.
  • Use inmuRELAX for as long as you like.

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inmuRELAX sensory tool front

What users say about inmuRELAX

“Every night when I go to bed, I put the immu under my head for at least five to ten minutes and it helps me fall asleep… I have noticed that I need fewer sleeping pills and that I use less sedatives.”


Suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD) and has problems with restlessness, concentrating and self-injury.

“After using inmuRELAX for a week, he didn’t need medication to sleep – he fell asleep with the inmuRELAX.”

Social worker at the psychiatric centre about a male patient in his thirties with anxiety, restlessness and paranoid thoughts.

Early onset-Alzheimer with sleep problems

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