Get a good night’s sleep

Music and vibrations that makes you releax

Soothing and Relaxing Music You Can Feel

The music in the inmuRELAX and inmuJOY sensory cushions is specially designed to make you feel calm and relaxed. It is inspired by the organic elements of nature and has a highly meditative effect. Unlike other music, the music is composed by software within the inmu while you hold it. This means the music is always different, renewing itself with small variations. Like the sound of a flowing brook, the music is always the same yet ever-changing. The music adapts and changes with your movements and breathing, creating a unique soundscape that helps you relax and quickly makes you drowsy.

You Sleep Better When You Feel Secure

An inmu has a beautiful design with soft materials that make it pleasant to hold and cuddle. Along with the gentle vibrations, it provides a sense of security that is reminiscent of stroking or cuddling a pet.

inmuRELAX berfore bedtime

Gentle Vibrations

When you sit or lie with an inmu, you feel gentle vibrations spreading through your body. This helps your body relax and provides calmness to fall asleep.

Music Stops When You Sleep

The music stops automatically when you fall asleep, ensuring that you get a peaceful sleep and are not disturbed during the night.

Phone-Free Zone

An inmu does not require any apps, so you can leave your phone outside the bedroom. This reduces the risk of disturbances and promotes a more restful sleep environment.

“After our son got inmuRELAX, he sleeps without problems. This has never happened since he was born 10 years ago.”

Father to 10-year-old boy with infantile autism

“The fact that it’s so soft and its appealing design is like a teddy bear – a teddy bear for adults.”

Man, 70 years old, suffers from a chronic illness that often prevents him from being able to sleep

“I have already tested a lot of things, but the pleasant vibrations and the soft sounds of the inmuRELAX have been a relief for me. It help me to find peace in my sleep."

Woman, 45, suffers form insomnia

How to use an inmu to fall asleep:


  • It provides calmness to the body and mind to place the inmu on your chest with both hands on top or one hand in the inmu’s pocket.


  • The music and vibrations slow down your breathing and lower your heart rate.


  • The soft cover provides warmth to the body, and it feels nice to gently stroke it.


  • The inmu can be placed on, along, or under the entire body.


  • When it remains still, the music gradually fades away. Only a small movement is needed to awaken it again.


  • If the sound is too loud, move the inmu further away from your head or place a blanket over it – you will still feel the vibrations. It is also possible to adjust the volume.
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