Ease Home Care with Sensory Stimulation

Bring peace to body and mind

Calmness and Feeling Safe

inmuRELAX, with its meditative music, creates a soothing atmosphere that provides calmness, comfort, and a sense of security. The gentle vibrations spread through the body when held close, reducing stress levels and promoting well-being and joy. inmuRELAX helps calm restless hands and becomes an essential daily companion for those experiencing restlessness, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, sensory challenges, or dementia.

Dignified Sensory Stimulation

inmuRELAX is an elegant sensory cushion in an award-winning design. It offers a similar sense of security and well-being as holding a pet or a stuffed animal, but without resembling a toy or an assistive device. Designed with simplicity in mind, inmuRELAX quickly becomes familiar and comforting to users, helping them feel at ease.

Enhance Cognitive and Physical Well-being

Research shows that music and sensory stimulation can enhance cognitive functions and improve motor skills. inmuRELAX combines meditative music, gentle vibrations, and tactile stimulation to soothe both emotionally and mentally while strengthening the connection between body and mind. This promotes mental well-being and creates a deep sense of calm.

Improved Sleep

inmu helps to relax and fall asleep. Read more

For Music Lovers

inmuRELAX activates memories with its universal music and gives many a spontaneous urge to sing.


Easy to Use

A touch or movement activates the music, so even people with cognitive challenges can operate it.

Portable and Convenient

Easily carried and used wherever the user needs comfort and a sense of security, such as at doctor or dentist appointments.

Improves Communication

inmu can be a bridge and a common focal point that creates connection and eases communication.

Easier Daily Life

inmu provides a number of opportunities for sensory regulation and positive diversion that eases daily care.

“When I’ve taken my mum to the doctor or shopping, she’s completely exhausted. Then she lies down with inmuRELAX, a smile spreads, calmness and a great sense of well-being sets in. She says it’s actually like a small miracle.”

Son of a 97-year-old mum living at home

“It was a very nice and moving experience to see mum with inmuRELAX! She was so happy and touched by it. She enjoyed sitting with her eyes closed and hugging it to her chest.”

Daughter of a mum with dementia living at home

“My sister and I were very sad to leave our mum because she felt very anxious and confused. When we got inmuRELAX, we felt reassured. We are so grateful that we had the inmu during mum’s last days.”

Two sisters who had to leave their mum alone most of the day

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