The inmuRELAX has proven to be a valuable tool for many psychiatric patients. It helps to reduce unease and excessive thoughts. Sleeping problems are common in psychiatric patients. Having a good night’s sleep is essential for coping with the next day’s challenges and may reduce symptoms. The calming and relaxing music and vibration from the inmuRELAX is an efficient tool to improve sleep.

Music is used in a wide range of ways to relax, calm down and change mood. An inmuRELAX is a safe and soft object to hold and it promotes the feeling of safety combined with relaxing music that you can control yourself. You can put it away when you don’t like it anymore and the music stops. The tactile details and the soft vibrations make you feel your body.

inmuRELAX is used in psychiatric hospitals. It can be part of the Safewards method (see as a calm down tool. The inmuRELAX is also used by patients in their own homes to improve sleep and reduce unease. Check out some of the case stories at the bottom of the page.

About the study

A study in a psychiatric facility found that wellbeing improved with the inmuRELAX in 9 out of 10 patients. It was used as part of the Safewards method that is implemented in psychiatric hospitals.

The inmuRELAX was used for hospitalised patients with different diagnoses, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Asperger’s syndrome and psychosis; all these patients were suffering from anxiety, mental turmoil and unrest. The imnuRELAX was used as a means to reduce anxiety and calm the patients. The test was performed during a 9-month period on 4 different wards in 2 different hospitals in Denmark (Psykiatrisk Center København and Psykiatrisk Center Nordsjælland).

14 patients participated in the project and 10 patients adequately answered all questions after the test was completed. The patients were 25 to 75 years old.


Most of the patients (9 out of 10), covering all the diagnoses, felt that they had positive results from using the inmuRELAX during their hospitalisation. The reported effects included:

  • Reduced anxiety and unrest
  • Reduced mental turmoil
  • Reduced excessive thoughts
  • Improved sleep

Half the patients reported that inmuRELAX had removed their symptoms.

9 out of 10 would like to use the inmuRELAX again next time they are hospitalised.

Because of the positive results of the pilot test the inmuRELAX is now a permanent part of “The
Sensory Box” (a collection of tools for sensory stimulation offered to patients) at the wards.

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Relaxing music, soft vibrations, and tactile details help you to calm down and find peace in body and mind.


Bright colours, joyful music and appealing tactile details stimulate the senses and make you want to move.

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