Create a Calming and Stimulating Learning Environment with inmu

inmuJOY and inmuRHYTHM create a positive and stimulating atmosphere. Using interactive music, vibrations, and tactile stimulation, they help students find calm, focus, and improve their social skills. inmu enhances inclusion opportunities and provides support for both teachers and students throughout a challenging school day.


Engaging Activities: inmuRHYTHM combines music and movement to create a dynamic and stimulating experience. This is particularly beneficial for students who need extra sensory input to concentrate and engage in learning.

Improved Motor Skills: Using inmuRHYTHM, students can enhance their motor skills through playful and structured movement exercises. This is especially beneficial for students with motor challenges.

Creative Expression: inmuRHYTHM allows students to explore their creativity through music and movement. This can help build their confidence and expressiveness.


Calm and Relaxation: inmuJOY helps students find inner calm and reduce stress. The soothing music and gentle vibrations create a sense of safety and well-being, which is essential for students who may struggle to find peace during the school day.

Increased Focus: inmuJOY creates a shielding environment that helps individual students improve their concentration and focus.

Social Interaction: inmuJOY can also be used as a tool to promote social interaction among students. The shared experience of music and vibrations can help bridge gaps between students and strengthen their social bonds.


inmu can be integrated into daily routines and specific educational activities. Here are some ways inmu can be used:

Individual Breaks: Students can use inmu to take healthy individual breaks, allowing them to shield themselves, find calm, and recharge for the rest of the school day.

Transitions: Use inmu during transitions between different activities, such as breaks, classroom changes, and to help students shift focus and prepare for the next activity.

Inclusion: inmu supports the inclusion of students with special challenges. Its design ensures that using an inmu is not stigmatizing, fostering an inclusive learning environment where all students feel safe and engaged.

Group Activities: Use inmuJOY and inmuRHYTHM to create opportunities for shared sensory experiences and musical interactions in groups. This can strengthen community and promote cooperation among students.

Therapeutic Goals: inmu sensory cushions can be used in therapeutic settings to help students with special needs regulate their arousal levels, improve social awareness, and enhance body balance.

“It makes me forget my OCD. It takes my thoughts to dreamland. It makes me fell calm.”

Celina, 9 years. Suffering from OCD.

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