A musical friend in everyday life with autism

A reliable point of reference in everyday life

Do you have autism or relatives with autism? Then you probably know that even fairly ordinary tasks like going to school and working can sometimes be a big challenge. The inmu helps to monitor and creates a safe sound space.

The inmu is available in two versions:

inmuRELAX – Peace and tranquility

The soft tones and vibrations have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body and provide a sense of closeness and safety. The pocket makes it easy to hold – and gives a feeling of comfort.

inmuDANCE – Rhythm and movement

inmuDANCE encourages movement and joy with a rhythmic musical universe inspired by the energetic bossa nova of the 1960s. The music develops and intensifies with the level of movement. An elastic waistband makes it easy to hold. The many colours and textures of the cover are exciting to touch and examine.

“After our son got inmuRELAX, he sleeps without problems. This has never happe- ned since he was born 10 years ago.”

Father to 10-year-old boy with infantile autism

Relax with interactive music cushion

“inmuRELAX helps him regulate his level of arousal at home and in the kindergarten. It makes him relax and fall asleep easier in the evening.”

Mother of 6-year-old boy with autism who screams and cries when he comes in close contact with other people

Sensory stimulation and balance in the level of arousal

Sensory stimulation and interaction increase the quality of life. inmu offers an interactive musical universe influenced by your touch and movement. Combined with the textile cover and vibrations, it creates a unique sensory experience. The sensory cushion can be used when you are alone, but can also be used as a cosy link for conviviality.

Advanced technology in flexible packaging

inmuRELAX has no cumbersome buttons, settings or updates – so it can be used by anyone. The music starts when the cushion is touched and slowly calms down when the cushion is stationary.



Maja finds peace and comfort with inmuRELAX

Maja is multi handicapped child. She is born with a brain injury and autism. She struggles with sounds – for example from cars. inmuRELAX creates a safe space and helps her to find peace and comfort.

Find out how the inmu offers safety and joy in everyday life with autism