Peace and Well-being in Care

Improve wellbeing with music and sensory stimulation

Feeling Calm and Safe

inmu provides calm for people with sensory challenges, restlessness, frustration, or anxiety. The unique sensory stimulation with adaptive music creates a soothing and safe atmosphere for individuals with dementia, brain injury, or other cognitive challenges.

Robust and Hygienic

An inmu is portable and can be used anywhere the user goes: common areas, a chair, bed, at the dentist, or during transport. An inmu can withstand being dropped or thrown. It is easy to clean, and the cover is washable. Additional covers can be purchased, and a sanitizable hygiene cover is also available.

A Daily Care Aid

inmu quickly becomes an invaluable tool in daily care and support. inmu has documented effects on reducing aggressive and challenging behavior. It can also ease care tasks through sensory diversion. Through mindfulness breaks and exercises for the staff, inmuRELAX can also help reduce stress and promote a relaxed state, which caregivers pass on in their daily work.

Intuitive to Use

The music starts with touch or movement.

Individual Sensory Stimulation

Person-centered approach that adapts to individual needs.

Beautiful Design with Dignity

Aesthetically appealing and respectful design that preserves the user’s dignity.

Palliative Care

Provides comfort in the final days of life, enhancing comfort for terminal patients.

Reduce Medication

Calmness in body and mind has shown documented benefits in reducing the use of antipsychotic drugs and sedatives.

Arousal Regulation

Adaptive music helps balance arousal levels.


Improves sleep quality and helps users fall asleep faster.


Implementation-Friendly Technology

Easy to integrate into an organization.

Motor and Cognitive Training

Supports both physical and mental training and development.

"Our experience is that inmuRELAX makes a difference in the moment, but it also contributes to increased confidence that lasts throughout the day. Our staff find that it's an aid in everyday life that doesn't require anything, it just gives."

Area manager for nursing home group in Sweden

"I noticed a positive reaction to inmuRELAX right from the first time I used it. She makes eye contact with me, her breathing slows down and she seems more balanced.”

Nurse at German nursing home about bedridden woman with dementia and stroke

“The best part is using inmuRELAX with the resident during bed care and transfers. Gradually, the staff started using it in all situations, including during meals. inmuRELAX has become an important part of her everyday life.”

Caregiver about a woman with dementia at a Danish nursing home

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