Overcome Dental Anxiety with inmuRELAX

Enhance Patient Experience with Soothing Music and Sensory Stimulation

Many patients experience dental anxiety, making even routine visits stressful. inmuRELAX offers an innovative solution that uses interactive music to help patients relax and find calm during their dental appointments.

How to Use inmuRELAX

inmuRELAX is a hygienic and attractive sensory cushion designed to calm the mind and body with gentle music and vibrations. When patients place inmuRELAX on their chest or stomach, they feel a deep, relaxing sensation that helps manage anxiety and discomfort.

Benefits of Using inmuRELAX in Dental Practices

Calmer Patients: inmuRELAX helps patients feel calmer and more secure throughout the treatment with soothing music and gentle vibrations.

Improved Treatment Efficiency: Treatments can be carried out more efficiently and with fewer interruptions when patients are relaxed.

Positive Patient Experience: Patients who experience less anxiety and discomfort are more likely to return for regular visits, improving their overall dental health.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean: inmuRELAX’s polyester cover is easy to remove, replace, and wash at 60 ºC. Additional covers and a wipeable hygiene cover are available for optimal hygiene.

Durable and Robust: inmuRELAX is designed to withstand daily use in a busy dental practice.

Easy to Operate: inmuRELAX is simple to use with rechargeable batteries that last approximately one week with daily use. The music starts when inmuRELAX is moved or touched and stops automatically when left still.

Hygiene During Treatment: The patient’s hands are sanitized before contact with inmuRELAX. Both inmuRELAX and the patient’s hands are covered with a disposable hygiene cloth to protect against splashes. The inmuRELAX cover is sanitized or replaced as needed.

inmuRELAX berfore bedtime

“It really calms me down with the music – that I can simply lie down and relax while the music plays and the pillow vibrates. It is very comforting.”

Sara, 12 years old. Overcame her dental anxiety by using inmuRELAX

“I give them inmuRELAX when they are lying in the chair. First of all, I wipe my hands with a disinfectant wipe. I put inmuRELAX on their belly and help them put their hand in its pocket.”

Nina Rune, Dental hygienist

“There is a calmness and a full consciousness that descends upon the space. Both on the patient and us. So, it’s a win-win situation for all of us.”

Helle Raahauge, Dental hygienist, Dental Care Vordingborg

How to Use inmuRELAX:

Preparation: Before the treatment begins, offer the patient an inmuRELAX sensory cushion. It can even be used in the waiting room to help calm the patient.

Placement: The patient places inmuRELAX on their chest or abdomen or holds it in their hands. inmuRELAX automatically starts playing soothing music and gently vibrating.

Relaxation: The patient focuses on the music and vibrations, helping to divert attention from the treatment and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Treatment: The dentist can perform the treatment while the patient feels calm and relaxed.


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