Going to the dentist can be a harrowing experience. Dental hygienist Nina Rune uses inmuRELAX to help ease dental anxiety and make dentist visits a comfortable and enjoyable experience for children and teenagers.

I’ve used inmuRELAX on nearly all my patients, and their responses have been overwhelmingly positive. There hasn’t been anyone who has refused to usit. Quite the oppositeAt the moment, a clinic in the area has borrowed inmuRELAX from us, and several of the kids have asked for it, because they want to have it with them when they are lying in the dentist chair.”

“I can see that the kids relax when they use inmuRELAX”
Nina Rune works as a dental hygienist at the school-based dental clinic Tandplejen Skolebakken, which is attached to the elementary school Kattegatskolen in the Danish city of Grenaa. The clinic serves some 1,200 children under the age of 18, many of whom suffer from dental anxiety.

Using inmuRELAX has been an exceedingly positive experience for her.
“I can see that the kids relax when they use inmuRELAX. I was seeing three boys from first grade, and they were full of energy, and kidding around and acting cool, but as soon as I gave them inmuRELAX and put it on their stomach, they relaxed completely.”

Nina Rune has worked at the clinic for twelve years. As a dental hygienist at an elementary school, one of her main tasks is to give the kids a good experience when going to the dentist. Scary stories and bad experiences at an young age are the main culprits in people developing dental anxieties later in life.

“inmuRELAX made him lie completely still”
“It changes the kids’ focus from the treatment to something else. And it calms. Sometimes when I tilt the chair back up again, I’ll hear them yawn. So, I know that they’ve been comfortable and relaxed.”

By giving the kids something else to focus on, inmuRELAX provides a welcome distraction from the alien feeling of having someone use an instrument inside their mouth and having their mouth open for a prolonged amount of time. 

“One day I was seeing a small boy from first class, who had a loose tooth. It took three minutes for the topical anaesthetic to start working. That’s a long time to wait when you are at that age. Usually I would fill the time by talking. But with inmuRELAX that hasn’t been necessary. It made him lie completely still while he was just feeling the vibrations and listening to the music.”

“Her patience was short, but the inmu made it longer”
Using inmuRELAX makes Nina Rune’s own work easier, as she does not need to worry about keeping the kids entertained during the breaks where they have to lie with mouth open.

“Everything just feels calmer. And the small breaks we have during treatment, we don’t have to fill them with idle chatter anymore. It makes the time pass quicker.”

She has also found that inmuRELAX can be a helpful aid in making energetic kids stay still during treatment.

“We get several refugee families here. And they have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. A lot of them are not used to going to the dentist, and some have never tried being examined before.”

“I was seeing a five-year-old Syrian girl. Normally the children are nervous when they come here, and we have to find ways to calm them down. But this girl was just full of energy, and she couldn’t stay calm. She wanted to touch everything. Getting to hold inmuRELAX made her calm down, and made her lie still during the entire procedure. Her patience was short, but the inmu made it longer.”

A good experience
One way of making going to the dentist a good experience is to make the kids comfortable with being in the dental clinic and relaxed about the instruments that the dentist uses.

Nina Rune will sometimes use a stuffed teddy bear with a row of perfect, human-like teeth to show the kids how a dentist works and what a dentist does when they are examining the patient’s mouth. She will even let the kids themselves emulate the procedure by using some of the dentist instruments, such as the mouth mirror, on the teddy bear.

It makes going to the dentist a bit more playful and helps to make the kids feel comfortable about lying in the dentist chair and letting the dental hygienist examine their teeth. Knowing what is going on during the treatment is essential to making going to the dentist a good experience.

“It changes the kids’ focus”
Another tool she uses is inmuRELAX.“I’ll give them inmuRELAX when they are lying in the chair. Then I’ll use a disinfectant wipe to clean their hands. I’ll put inmuRELAX on their stomach, and guide their hand into the pocket.”

By using inmuRELAX she can make the treatment a relaxed and enjoyable experience. inmuRELAX produces peaceful music, and gentle vibrations help soothe bad nerves and lull the kids into a comfortable state.

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