Calming Music and Sensory Stimulation
in Hospital Care and Treatment

inmuRELAX Provides Relief and Calmness, and Eases Care

Music and Sensory Stimulation: An Essential Tool for Well-being and Comfort

Many patients experience stress and anxiety during hospital stays and treatments. inmuRELAX offers an innovative solution that uses interactive music to help patients find calm and relaxation.

inmuRELAX makes it simple to integrate music and sensory stimulation into the hospital environment. Its beautiful and robust design makes it easy to use for both patients and staff. The music starts with a touch and stops automatically when not used. This makes it easy for patients to use inmuRELAX independently.

inmuRELAX requires no software updates or technical maintenance. It is also classified as medical device according to the EU’s MDR regulation.

Improved Patient Experience

inmuRELAX significantly enhances the patient experience by reducing stress, anxiety, and restlessness. It can help improve patients’ overall well-being:

Reduces Nervousness and Anxiety: The soothing music and vibrations have an anxiety-reducing and comforting effect.

Comfort: inmuRELAX provides patients with a sense of comfort, similar to the security children feel when holding a teddy bear.

Pain Relief and Discomfort Alleviation: Music and sensory stimulation can serve as pain relief by diverting the patient’s attention from pain and reducing the perception of discomfort.

Improved Sleep: inmuRELAX helps patients relax and improves sleep quality during their hospital stay.

Shielding from Noise and Disturbance: With inmuRELAX, patients can create a personal sound and sensory space that feels protective and safe.

inmuRELAX berfore bedtime

Easing Care and Workflows for Staff

inmuRELAX’s calming effect on patients makes it easier for healthcare staff to perform their duties:

Calmer Patients

inmuRELAX helps reduce patients’ restlessness, making it easier to carry out treatments and examinations.

Prevents and Reduces Delirium

inmuRELAX can help prevent delirium and assist patients in recovering from a delirious state.

Improved Efficiency

With calmer patients, treatments can be carried out more efficiently, saving time and reducing work pressure and stress for healthcare staff.

Easier care

The calming effect diverting the patient’s attention during care, making it easier to perform necessary examinations and procedures.


inmuRELAX can help establish contact and facilitate communication between patients and healthcare staff, especially for patients with cognitive challenges such as dementia.


inmuRELAX is designed to be easy to clean and disinfect.


Durable and Robust

inmuRELAX is designed to withstand daily use in a busy hospital ward and is easy to operate with rechargeable battery that last approximately one week with daily use.

Faster Recovery Through Calmness and Mental Well-being

By reducing stress and anxiety, inmuRELAX helps patients achieve mental well-being, which promotes faster recovery. The use of calming music and sensory stimulation can improve the healing process and overall well-being.

Examples of inmuRELAX Applications in Treatment Areas

Intensive Care Unit: Calming and supporting patients in critical conditions. By reducing stress and anxiety, inmuRELAX helps stabilize patients’ conditions and promote better treatment outcomes.

Pulmonology: Calming patients with lung diseases and supporting them in exercises such as breathing and movement exercises. The soothing music and vibrations can help improve respiratory function.

Gynecology: Supporting women during treatments and procedures, reducing anxiety, and creating a sense of comfort and well-being. inmuRELAX can also help alleviate pain and discomfort during and after procedures.

Oncology: Alleviating anxiety and pain in cancer patients, both during treatment and recovery periods. Music and vibrations can serve as a diversion from pain and help patients find calm.

Geriatrics: Supporting elderly patients with complex medical needs by creating a calm and secure atmosphere. inmuRELAX can help reduce the risk of delirium and improve overall well-being.

Psychiatry: Helping patients with psychiatric disorders find calmness and structure. The calming effect of inmuRELAX can reduce anxiety and promote a more stable state for the patients.

Palliative Care: Supporting patients with life-threatening illnesses and their families by creating a sense of calm and comfort. inmuRELAX can help alleviate anxiety, pain, and discomfort in the final stages of life.

Pediatric Department: inmu sensory cushions can be a significant support for comforting children. They help create a sense of safety and calmness, making hospital stays less frightening and stressful. The soothing music and gentle vibrations can help children relax during examinations and treatments.

inmuRELAX berfore bedtime

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