How to benefit from interactive music and rhythm in a life with ADHD

Is it difficult staying focused in school?

Holding an inmu in your hands and feeling the vibrations have an arousal regulating effect. It stimulates the brain to stay focused. The different tactile structures on the inmu invites to touch and fiddle. The inmu responses with new variations in the music by each new movement. This helps keeping the brain focused.

No need for headset

The music is designed to be non-disturbing and have been successfully tested in schools for use during class. You just touch the inmu and the music keeps on playing until you leave it still.


Case: Finding ease and improving sleep with inmuJOY

We have been following Emilia and her inmuJOY for over a year. Now she is 10 years old. She has ADHD and has had great challenges falling asleep and staying asleep. Amongst other families experiencing challenges with e.g. autism and ADHD, Emilia was selected to participate in testing inmuJOY. In addition, Emilia was offered a series of web guides with small exercises, which she had to do daily to strengthen her concentration and get more calm in her body.

After a year, now that inmuJOY has become a regular part of Emilia’s everyday life, she still benefits greatly from inmuJOY’s sensory stimuli. She cuddles with it, listens to the music and enjoys the vibrations – especially when she is going to sleep.

Being rewarded with music

Fiddling with an inmu rewards you with a musical experience. You can dive into the music and the music will keep on surprising you as it unfolds. Unlike listening to music in a headset you get a feeling of being in control and be the creator of the music.


Southing vibrations that follows your movements

Give the inmu a hug and feel the vibrations spread throughout your body. The unique vibrating element of an inmu make you connect to it. It almost feels as if it is alive. Holding the inmu in your hands, under your feet or on your body help you feel yourself. It make you feel safe and help connecting with the surroundings.


“It makes it a lot easier for me to relax and fall asleep.”


10 years. Suffering from ADHD

Finding peace before going to sleep

With ADHD often follows sleep challenges. When the inmu feels your breathing, the music turns meditative. Let yourself be embraced by the soothing music. Together with the soft vibrations it will make you feel sleepy and help you to find peace in both body and mind.

inmuRELAX sensory tool front

How to use inmu to fall asleep:

  • Find a quiet place – a good chair, couch or bed.
  • Turn off the phone, computer and other distracting objects.
  • Take the inmu in your hands and experience the music.
  • The music follows your movements:
    Hug the inmu or touch it gently.
  • Breath slowly and concentrate on the music and the vibrations.
  • You will soon feel dizzy. The music stops automatically when you fall asleep.

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