The inmu is the first sensory stimulation tool in the world to use interactive music – music that is medicine for the brain.

Interactive music is music that you can control. The music is created by a computer inside the inmu. The computer uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software that composes the music while you hold the inmu. The music changes when you touch, stroke or move the inmu.

“The music is always changing – yet always the same”

Asger Steenholdt is the composer of the music for inmuRELAX. Actually Asger uses the title “music architect” as the actual music played by the inmu is composed by the advanced software algorithms in the inmu itself when the user touches or moves the inmu. In this video Asger explains about how the music for the inmu was made and why it is so special.

Facts about the inmu music

Designed for the inmu

The inmu music universe is composed especially for the inmu. It is based on experience gained through extensive testing performed at care centres.

The music is infinite

As the music is composed by software inside the inmu it continues as long as you use it, only stopping when you put it aside.

It never loops

The inmu music universe never repeats itself. Like a brook that is always the same and always changing, the music is constant – yet never the same. The ever-changing music has an eminent effect on our brain. The small changes in the music universe make our brain curious and can stimulate it to make new connections – it keeps us interested.

This is why the inmu music never gets annoying in the way you might experience with normal pre-recorded music.

You don’t have to upload music

The inmu comes in different models with different types of music.

For all models apply that, the music is created as you touch or move the inmu. You don’t have to upload or stream music to the inmu.

Patented technology

The technology is based on advanced technology that is patent pending.

You are in control

The music only plays if you touch or move the inmu. When you pick up the inmu or touch it the music starts. When you put it aside or fall asleep it stops automatically.

Having music in your hands

The inmu lets you feel the music when you hold it, hug it or just stroke it. This has an immense effect on the brain and nervous system. The slight changes in the music universe caused by your movements increase the effect.

You can feel the music

When you hold the inmu you can feel the music in your hands and body. Soft vibrations stimulate the body and therefore deaf and blind people can also benefit greatly from the inmu.

The music reflects your movements

As you move and touch the inmu you will experience that the music interacts with you. You can stroke it gently, tap it, squeeze it, swing it, throw-and-grab it, or touch the tactile elements.

“Music is one of the most importants tools in the toolbox”

The danish author and expert in neuropedagogy, Peter Thybo, explains how our brain is affected by music and why music is medicine for the brain. Thybo has written numerous books about neuroscience and neuropedagogical methods.


Music as medicine

Music is a direct path to our soul and mind. Music changes our mood. It can make us happy, make us smile, make us calm or make us thoughtful.

Research has shown that music has a unique ability to stimulate the brain and even heal an injured brain.

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