inmuRELAX is made for calm and relaxing moments.

The music is soft and meditative. Like a cat purring, the inmuRELAX has a soft sound pulse, that can be felt in your fingers or when held to the chest. This helps the person suffering from dementia feel his or her own body, finding a calm moment. Even if you can’t hear the music.
The cover is made from soft cotton, that feels nice to the touch, holding it to your body or letting your fingers trace the golden line. It has a pocket that makes it easier to hold for even the weakest.

The inmuRELAX is good at lowering nervousness and restlessness in persons suffering from dementia. In situations that can feel uncomfortable (e.g. help with daily hygiene or being moved), it can lower the stress level and make the activity calmer. It’s also good for falling asleep and gives a better sleep.

The price is including Danish VAT (25%). For B2B customers with international VAT number the price without VAT is €694.

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Material: 100% organic cotton or 100% polyester cover. Filling: horsehair.

Washing instructions: Cover is machine washable at 40 degrees (cotton cover) / 60 degrees (polyester cover).

Dimension and weight: 22cm x 23cm // 520gram (without shipping box).

Colours: Organic cotton: Blue only / Polyester: Blue, Rose, and Sand.

Charger: 240V or 110V charger included.

Battery life: Lithium-Ion battery (rechargeable). Up to three weeks between charging at regular use.

inmu and environmental protection: Consists of recyclable materials.

Resilience: Withstands shock and drops.

Warranty: 2 years.

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Blue (Cotton), Blue (Polyester), Rose (Polyester), Sand (Polyester)


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