An inmu is a musical sensory product, that uses music to stimulate the senses for relaxation and socialization.

The inmu is shaped like a small pillow, that is easy to carry and simple to use. It is designed to form a natural part of the daily routine in the care of people suffering from dementia, and can be used with benefit for even the weakest user. There are no buttons or cables that need to be attached before use, and all technology lies safely hidden inside the inmu.

The inmu is sensitive to both touch and movement, and produces a unique musical universe, that develops according to how it is used. A simple musical universe is produced when you touch it, that evolves and becomes more nuanced and harmonious the more the inmu is used and moved around. Thus the inmu automatically provokes interest and encourages the user to touch, hold, and play with it.

How do you use the inmu?

The inmu is designed with a keen eye for simplicity. It is made to be used by everyone – even the weakest and least technologically savvy. There are no buttons or cables that need to be attached. A simple touch is enough to turn the inmu on, and it stops by itself as soon as it is kept still. To turn it off completely, simply connect the accompanying charger to the charging plug.

The inmu responds to all kind of movements: throwing, stroking, shaking, or pushing. If you hold it against your chest, it is even sensitive enough to keep playing by breath alone.

How do you turn off the inmu?

The inmu automatically stops when lying still.
It will wake when touched or moved.

What kind of music does the inmu play?

An inmu is nothing like an iPod or a speaker. It uses a series of advanced algorithms, that register and reflect hand movements, and creates an unique and ever evolving musical universe on basis of how the inmu is being used.

The music develops in different harmonic and melodic nuances that change every time the inmu is being used. A light touch creates a simple musical universe, that grows and becomes more nuanced based on how the user interacts with the inmu. The inmu’s musical universe is ever evolving. Like a mosaic, harmonic and melodic nuances weave together and form an unique musical experience that is never quite like the last. The inmu will not become tiresome to listen to, since it does not repeat the same tunes. The inmu’s musical universe is designed to fit into a busy daily routine, where unnecessary noise quickly can become a nuisance.

The inmu produces deep vibrations, that can be felt throughout the body as soft impulses. Even people with hearing impairments can feel and benefit from using the inmu.

It is not possible to change the music. The inmu only has one musical universe, and that is for a good reason. The music has been composed to fit specifically with the use of the inmu, and creates together with the cover an immersive experience that forms an anchor in the daily life of the person suffering from dementia.

The inmu’s musical universe is composed exclusively for inmu memory by composer and musician Asger Steenholdt. Asger has many years’ experience as a composer of meditation music and as a musician in the Danish rock band Big Fat Snake.

What are the thoughts behind the inmu's design?

The inmu is designed to automatically make you want to pick it up and hold it. It has an organic shape, that feels comfortable to hold. The cover is made of soft fabric that invites touch, and feels nice against the skin. The cover has simple details that are stimulating to the senses, and encourages the person suffering from dementia to touch, hold, and use the inmu. It has a pocket, that makes it easy to hold and carry for even the weakest user.

The inmu is small, oval in shape, and is designed to look like a common couch cushion. It is a shape that is familiar and relatable, and can easily fit in as a natural and dignified part in the daily life of someone suffering from dementia.

The inmu is made from robust materials for longevity. It does not break by, for example, being dropped or falling on the floor. The cover is made with non-allergenic and organic fabric, and can easily be taken off and washed together with normal laundry.

The inmu’s cover is designed by Danish designer Emilie Wiehe, who in 2017 won the Danish Design Award – Young Talent for her work with products aimed at helping people suffering from dementia. Her inspiration for working with dementia stems from her own experiences with her grandfather, who was diagnosed with the disease.

How do you wash the inmu?


The outer cover of the inmu can be taken off and washed. Please follow the washing instructions to achieve the best possible result.
The good quality of the textile is best preserved, if you treat it with care.

The inner cover must not be taken off and it is not washable, but the surface can be wiped with a damp cloth or disinfection tissue.


  • If the outer cover is only slightly dirty, it is recommended to hand wash only.
  • The outer cover can be machine washed, please follow the info on the label attached to the outer cover.
  • The outer cover should preferably be washed together with other similar colours. Do not use fabric softener or chlorine.
  • The outer cover can also be cleaned and wiped, using disinfection tissue.

NOTE: If washed at higher temperatures than stated on the label, the outer cover might risk losing its original shape and colour.
NOTE: Some of the cover types may have excess dye, and it is recommended to wash them separately the first time.


  1. Unzip and take off the outer cover
  2. Turn the cover inside out and zip/close the cover again.
    Leave the zip approx. 4 cm open, so it is possible to get hold of the zipper again.
  3. Wash the outer cover


Air-dry, preferably on a flat/even surface.
NOTE: Do not tumble-dry.

TIP:  To minimise the risk of shrinking, you could consider carefully ‘stretching’ the outer cover into shape, while it is still damp.


To ensure the cover is mounted correctly and keeps the right shape, the washing label should be positioned next to the charging plug.

How do you charge the inmu?

The inmu can retain power for up to three weeks between charges.

The inmu gives a warning sound (two beeps followed by three knocking sounds) when the battery is almost discharged.

  1. Unzip the outer cover of the inmu.
  2. Insert the round charger plug into the round black charger entrance plug.
    Note: Make sure the plug is fully inserted. You will feel a slight click.
  3. Connect the charger to a power supply. The inmu will make a short sound indicating that charging has commenced.
    During the charging the inmu will make a low buzzing sound.
    When the buzzing sound stops, the inmu is fully charged.
  4. When finished charging, unplug the charger. The inmu makes a short sound, indicating that the charger has been disconnected. You can now zip the outer cover.
    Tip: You can hide the zipper handle on most inmu types, in the pocket or under the elastic belt.
How do you transport and store the inmu?

When the inmu is not in use for a longer period of time, or when being transported, the charging plug can be inserted in the inmu (without connecting the charger to power). This ensures that the inmu is silent.

The inmu is automatically activated again, once the the plug is removed.

Disposal and recycling

The inmu is made of materials, which can be recycled.

The inmu has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which corresponds to the EU-directive 2OO6/66/EC and must not be disposed of as ordinary household waste. Please follow your local regulations for disposal of batteries, to prevent negative impact on the environment and health.