Are you desperate about the current situation? Are you afraid of getting COVID-19 or that some of your loved ones will get it?

inmuRELAX is ideal for providing peace to the mind and body. This is especially important in this situation.

Here are some ideas on how to use inmuRELAX to help you cope more easily with the corona crisis.

Opens the senses

Use inmuRELAX to open up your senses and experience yourself and your environment. 

  • Sit down with inmu. Touch it: you can hold it gently, move it between your hands while pressing it, you can press it into your body. Let the music fill you up. Once you are seated with the inmu, notice how you feel – physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Sit with the inmu against your chest, preferably with one hand in your pocket. Listen to the music and feel the vibrations. Feel, sense and connect with yourself and the space around you.
  • Stand with your legs slightly apart. Hold the immu with both hands at the same time and stretch your arms out: first down in front of your body, then right next to your chest and finally above your head. Find your balance before moving to the next arm position. Close your eyes and breathe in a calm rhythm.


Move – use your body

Use inmuRELAX to move your body and gain new energy

  • Touch and move with inmu and discover how the world of music changes due to the nature of movement: touch, press, squeeze, swing, throw.
  • Listen to the musical world of the inmu, release tension and re-energise your head and body. Move as you wish, dance, follow a rhythm or create your own.
  • Hold the inmu with both hands at the same time. Slowly move it from side to side and experience your body and the movement your body makes.
  • Hold the immu with one hand in your pocket. Bend and stretch your arm. Change sides.
  • Hold the immu with one hand. Put your hand completely in your pocket and grasp the edge. Swing the immu with a stretched arm back and forth along the body.

Stimulate the sense of the skin

Use inmuRELAX to stimulate the sensation. Don’t forget that the skin is our largest sensory organ.

  • Touch, sense, feel and experience the fabric and its tactile elements.
  • Hold the immu with both hands. Close your eyes and feel the shape of the immu and how it is in your hands. Then follow the edge with a finger.
  • Touch or move the immu. Then place it between your hands or against your chest and see how the vibrations move slowly through your body.

Give peace to the body and mind

Use inmuRELAX to calm your body and mind.

  • Lie down or sit with the inmu on your stomach or chest. Focus on breathing, relaxation, concentration. Feel the calm of your body and head.
  • Lie down and place the immu on your chest or abdomen. Focus on the different parts of the body; first on one side (e.g. right arm), then on the other (left arm) and finally on both sides simultaneously (arms).
  • Lie down or sit down with the immu on your body. Listen to the music and feel the vibrations. Focus on the problems that need to be solved and then let them out of your head and body.
  • It is pleasant and safe to simply sit or lie down with the inmu on your stomach, possibly with a blanket or duvet over it. It gives peace of mind to have something soft and comfortable in your hands.


Use inmuRELAX to get a restful sleep.

  • Take the inmuRELAX to bed when you go to sleep. Put it on your stomach or chest. The music will play as long as you touch it and will slowly become quiet when you do not touch it or put it down. You decide the sound level (inmuRELAX has 3 sound levels).


Read our special hygiene guide for COVID-19 here.

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