It can be difficult to fall asleep when you are ill, especially if you are in pain, discomfort or suffer from intrusive thoughts. An inmu is pleasant, soft and calming to fall asleep and wake up with. The softness, the relaxing music and the stimulating vibrations make almost everybody naturally sleepy, when having a inmuRELAX in their hands. The advanced sensor technology built into the inmu enables it to feel how you touch it and the slight movements from your breathing. The calming music continues to flow as long as you touch it. When you fall asleep the music stops automatically


How to use inmuRELAX for sleeping

It is calming for both body and mind to lay the inmu down on the user’s chest with both hands on top or with one hand in the inmu’s pocket.

The calming music and the vibrations help slow down both pulse and breathing. The soft cover feels warm, and it is pleasant to stroke it gently with your hand.

The inmu can lie on or across the whole body.

If it lies completely still, the music will fade slowly away. It only takes a small movement to wake it again.

If the sound is too loud, then move the inmu further away from the head or place a blanket, for example, over it—you will still be able to feel the vibrations. You can also adjust the volume of the music.

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    What people are saying about inmuRELAX…

    “I have been suffering from severe sleeping disorders for three years. I have already been tested a lot, but the pleasant vibrations and the soft sounds of the inmu have been a relief for me. They help me to find peace in my sleep. When I wake up during the night as usual, I can re-trigger the activity of soft music with a slight movement of the inmu, which makes me fall asleep again quickly. After the first day of having the inmu I could experience the feeling of waking up fresher and more relaxed in the morning for a really long time.”

    Woman, 45 years old with insomnia.

    With its softness and appealing design, it is a like a teddy bear—a teddy bear for adults.”

    Man, 70 years old with chronic disease that often prevents him from sleeping.

    For me the sound is like stars that I can capture. This calms me a lot and I put it on my belly in the evening when I go to bed and listen to the soft sounds.”

    Joel, 6 years old and suffering from insomnia. Through the inmuRELAX he was able to reduce the time it took him to fall asleep from 90 minutes to 10 minutes.

    After our son got inmuRELAX he sleeps without problems. This has never happened since he was born 10 years ago.”

    Father to 10-year-old son with infantile autism.

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    Relaxing music, soft vibrations, and tactile details help you to calm down and find peace in body and mind.


    Bright colours, joyful music and appealing tactile details stimulate the senses and make you want to move.

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