We are a proud team behind the inmu, that has just been nominated in the category Healthy Life at Danish Design Award 2018.

It is the second time that inmu designer Emilie Wiehe has been nominated for a Danish Design Award. Last time was in 2017, when she won the Young Talent award for her independent work with designing sensory products for people suffering from dementia.

The inmu started out as a simple idea, but has through the years grown and developed into a product that today benefits many people.

Out goal has from day one been to create a product that can help give those who are most in need of it a safe anchor in their daily life.

There is not one part of the inmu that has been made by just one person alone. Everything, from the music and the design, to the technology inside, has been developed through a close collaboration between our dedicated team, where we have been able to inspire each other and further develop our ideas to the realization of one shared vision.